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Pronunciation Key: "Wee Moe"Discriptive word:1. A word for people, that assumes, he or she is lonely/emo/alone and even though she or he really is not.2. Wannabe Emo by Dane AlgarinReport definition
a wannabe emo. They desperatly want to be emo. sometimes even call themselves emo. they claim that EVERYONE calls them emo, but thats not the case. They go around PRETENDING to self harm, but they dont have the guts to do it. They try to befriend emos, or emoish people. They normally try to get into emo clothes but it ends up looking wrong. They often have long hair, and try to flip it in front of their eyes. They use words on msn like "lawl" "hawt" "yew" "lobbe" They often have a myspace, but dont know how to use it properly, they arent good with the codes and most likely cant use the
code. They try to use emo layouts but it doesnt work. They put makeup on but it doesnt look emo. it looks wannabed. they also claim their more emo than everyone else. They dont really know emo music and are most likely to listen to more alternative and hip hop music. by JoseReport definition
A wannabe emo. Usually a prep trying to be hard core. by TariReport definition
Wigger + Emo = WemoA kid whom acts like and clothes like a wigger but functions like an emo child. by Sol JermanReport definition
A wannabe emo kid, to not be confused with a scene child by Danelle CuddyReport definition
Pronounced "Wee-Mo".Wanna be Emo. Typically youthful teens seeking interest claiming that they have dilemmas and therefore nobody knows them to the level in which emo's believe that they're lame. by LourieReport definition
adj. Describes a person who tries to be emo but fails, or perhaps in various other terms, wannabe emo. Many wemo folks hear Good Charlotte and Simple Arrange while capturing of these secretly delighted selves in toques and unconvincabley unfortunate expressions. Plenty of wemo individuals DON'T know simple tips to wear eyeliner and several of them sport buzzcuts. Tsk tsk. by NelsonReport definition
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