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(a) white blood cell
(a) white-blood cellular
(a) World Boxing Council, one of several sanctioning systems in expert boxing.
(n) blood cells that engulf and consume micro-organisms and fungi; an important part of this human body's defense system

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acronym for WorldsBiggestChat, the biggest talk website online, run as a joint venture between Lycos and Yahoo. Also called WorldsBiggestCrap, Lycack and Lytoss Chat. Moderated by energy trippers referred to as Navigators, who're susceptible to enabling discrimination whilst clamping upon swearing. extremely defectively coded talk, which lags and crashes on an hourly foundation. by Tawanna DerosaReport definition
Want, But cannot.Used expressing the desire to participate in anything and all the required apologies/ pleasantries/explanations in switching straight down stated occasion in a single succinct acronym. Usually used in reference to cash, but could also be employed to explain other things like tiredness or social restraints. by Lashon HensenReport definition
Westboro Baptist ChurchAn outrageous sect of "Christianity" who have done away with that talk of "Do unto other individuals while you'd ask them to do unto you" or any talk of "God's love" or any one of that and alternatively believe that they could do God's work by picketing every thing beneath the sun.They've petitioned against gays, soldiers' funerals, and (for no apparent reason) Comic Con. They appear to have no concept of "bad press", convinced that any news attention, it doesn't matter how insane it generates them look, is only dispersing their word.Apparently, they are all very in-bred, too, all stemming from just a couple family lines. by Fonda FauverReport definition
White Boy CrackIt's Crystal Meth by LacyReport definition
is the western part of a little town on Vancouver Island. It signifies western Black Creek, or even the region of Black Creek on western side of the island highway. Many people staying in West Ebony Creek live over the main road running from highway, Macaulay Road. There is also a normal feud amongst the youth for the "East Side Creekers" (EBC), in addition to West Side Creekers, although the East stakes this claim more obviously because it's along side it more prone to display a gang mentality, while the domiciles are often of a slightly much more urban and closer-distance compared to the larger acreages based in the west. This has created a close-knit band of people who consistently "represent" Black Creek, whilst the western 1 / 2 is basically dormant, and supportive of pro-black creek marketing. The primary distinction between the two sets of youth is based on that the greater amount of isolated and remote West Black Creekers went to the small Ebony Creek Elementary, and were down the road combined to the larger Miracle Beach Elementary, the school on the EBC part. This developed a small competitors between your youth, the main one part sheltered by a small college produced a variety of imaginative childhood which only further appears as evidence of the main benefit of tiny class sizes and personal understanding environments, whilst the various other additionally accrued some skilled professional athletes. by BradReport definition
The Westboro Baptist Church is a wretched hive of scum and villainy, they've been loathsome vermin whom cast a vile light on popular Christianity. Some individuals also connect them with other Christians (see WBC-itis), though itis important to note your WBC rejects, and is denied by, all other denominations. They declare that God dislikes, while other Christian denominations instruct that Jesus loves solely.People call all of them a hate group that opposes homosexuals. Actually, they may be so much more than that. Within their demented thoughts, every person who isn't an associate of the church is both a "fag" or "fag enabler" with zero exclusions. Everyone else but them is certainly going straight to hell, and God dislikes everybody but them.Not just do they celebrate and interrupt the funerals of homosexuals, but they additionally do the same for people in the United states Military who will be killed for action. The paradox, definitely, is the fact that United states Military are the extremely reason that these asswipes have the First Amendment right to spew their particular disgusting hate address every where, and for that reason they owe the military a huge debt of appreciation, because do we all. by Willy WittyReport definition

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White blood cell. by Sherman MatlockReport definition

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the entire world Boxing Council, the boxing authorities just who cover the largest area of the world when it comes to membership. They are responsible for the WBC championships. by Nickolas YutzyReport definition

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  • Hyponym for "WBC"
    • eosinophile, basophil, eosinophil, monocyte, lymphocyte
  • Hypernym for "WBC"
    • blood corpuscle, blood cell, corpuscle, free phagocyte
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