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A myhthical, most likely asian or particularly japanese, man that originated from another dimension to inflict horror on two guys. One-man had been completely oblivious into Ninja, but he sooner or later triggers the demise of him by pressing him out a window. The other guy thwarts the assaults of ninja, one strategy by pwning him in the face with a gate. The ninja's capabilities consist of smoke teleportation and randomness. by LatrinaReport definition
the above mentioned description is accurate and then a spot. It's demonstrably referencing the time of the time understood is PCN or Pre Chuck Norris. These silly fools had been no match for Chuck Norris.Chuck Norris Killed the rest of the ninja by sneezing on him. The blast blew the ninjas flesh off their bones. After that always check returned toward dimension these absurd fools originated in and stayed here until their cold ended up being over.. There have been no survivors.Since This time Chuck Norris has been refferd to because of the people of asie given that last great techno ninja. by Jenny NicolosiReport definition
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