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(a) Of or relating to Taiwan or its peoples, languages, or countries.
(a) Of or pertaining to Taiwan.
(a) of or relating to or attribute of this island republic on Taiwan or its residents or their particular language
(n) A native or inhabitant of Taiwan.
(n) the range of Chinese spoken on Taiwan.
(n) A person from Taiwan; generally plural.
(p) the favorite name of the variation of Hokkien talked in Taiwan, the native language of Hoklo.

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The majority population residing regarding the area of Taiwan. They may not be just culturally different from the Han Chinese, but genetically various also.When the Mainland Chinese sailors, bandits, and entrepreneurs stumbled on the island of Taiwan 500-600 years back, they were generally solely male. Those that stayed from the island married the area women with genetic stock closer to the pacific islanders versus Han Chinese.As an end result, the Chinese genetic lineage started initially to deteriorate as the mixed kiddies of these connections had even more kiddies. The reason why that Taiwanese have actually Chinese last brands is due to the Patriarchy and Racism of Chinese colonialism. Genetically speaking, however,Taiwanese and Chinese tend to be somewhat various. by BuddyReport definition
very different from being Chinese, Taiwanese men and women dosent possess irratating accent those Chinese losers will have. Taiwanese are far more freindlier besides, good folks they've been by Anneliese ByrumReport definition
the people from taiwan. they compose standard chinese which is much more legit, much friendlier and much more polite than the mainland chinese, and they have hot-ass chicks typically. the dudes all play basketball or baseball, unless american-raised. oh, and performed i mention that a lot of of those give consideration to taiwan individual from china? by Breann RemleyReport definition
I race of men and women created in taiwan... NOT those who are Chinese. Individuals from taiwan have-been forced under old terms to side with chinas "One country two governing bodies" system. Which actually is complete BS because Hong-Kong went with it doens't suggest Taiwan Should. Taiwan should and you will be a totally free nation in no time. by Roman RenardReport definition
People, objects, etc. that result from the island of Taiwan.If you have got a pc product underneath the model of BenQ, Acer, or Asus, you've got a Taiwanese product. More trustworthy as well as high quality than some chickenshit copy-cat Dell that was made in China.Taiwanese folks are much like japan... only they talk Mandarin Chinese and/or local dialects. They are courteous and friendly, unlike lots of the mainland assholes. Oh, and they have MUCH hotter chicks. by Celina BraswellReport definition
people-born in Taiwan, love Taiwan, have parents from Taiwan, or love anything Taiwanese. And although men and women state our company is really Chinese, we was once.... a couple of hundred years ago. Therefore everybody else on Taiwan is Taiwanese, perhaps not Chinese. by Sherrill WhittemoreReport definition
those who are produced, otherwise increased, otherwise residing in Taiwan, AND embracing, enjoying the nature, tradition, and every little thing about Taiwan. by Lacy MantheReport definition

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