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(n) a part of a people indigenous to the Philippines and inhabiting Manila and its adjacent provinces.
(n) The Austronesian language of Tagalog which Filipino is situated.
(n) a part of this 2nd largest Filipino ethnic group.
(p) A language talked in Philippines, specifically, Metro Manila as well as its surrounding provinces including Bulacan, Laguna, Cavite, Batangas, Bataan, Rizal, Marinduque, Mindoro, and Quezon.
(a) Of or relating to the Tagalogs.

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Dialect inside Philippines - mainly a combination of malayo-polynesian language with a-twist of spanish.Important Terms:Anak ka ng puta/ Putang ina mo - child of a bitchsalsal - to masturbatepokpok - whorebeho - of chinese origin/ fundamentally implies smelly by EliReport definition
A language indigenous to the southern an element of the area of Luzon in Philippines. The Tagalog language is the main base language for one of the formal languages regarding the Philippines, Filipino (others official language is English). The language, similar to of the languages of this Philippines, is related to Malaysian, Indonesian, Hawaiian, Tongan, Somoan, some south Taiwanese languages, and many other that are within the Austronesian set of languages. The language has actually about 18 million indigenous speakers. Tagalog may refer to the Tagalog men and women. by HertaReport definition
Dialect spoken by many Luzon-based Filipinos. Tagalog is normally considered the lingua franca among Filipinos at home and abroad, but there are lots of various other dialects talked throughout the archipelago, and there is some sensitiveness about dealing with Tagalog as definitively "Filipino."Also is the ethnicity of Tagalog-speaking natives. One theorized origin of the term is "taga-ilog," indicating "from the river." by Debroah NeissReport definition
Main Entry: Ta·ga·log Pronunciation: \te-gä-lóg\ Function: noun Inflected Form(s): plural Tagalog or Tagalogs Etymology: Tagalog Date: 1808 1 : an associate of a people of central Luzon 2 : an Austronesian language of the Tagalog individuals by Lashawna PierpontReport definition
principal language of Ian Beatson additionally the Phillipines. by Jacque ClevelandReport definition
Main lanuage for Filipinos (Flip). by BrigidaReport definition
A sexpat's official language. by RandyReport definition

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