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(a) technical knockout
(i) technical knockout
(i) "to keep open", an indication when it comes to insertion of an intravenous catheter
(n) a knockout announced because of the referee who judges one boxer not able to carry on

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To block out a driver in slow lane attempting to enter the fast lane. If you are operating vehicle A, you're in the fast lane of a-two lane Highway and you're the only who can perform the maneuver and tactically knock out vehicle B-the car you don't like. Car B is within the slowlane and is nearing a vehicle forward -Car C-that is going slower than Car B. To TKO Vehicle B, the Driver of Car A in the fastlane, must slow down into approximate speed of Vehicle C and align Vehicle A such your motorist in Car B is obstructed from going into the fast lane and cannot pass both Automobile A or Automobile C. A little confusing but this highway drawing might help... -------------------------- ____________(Vehicle A) -------------------------- ____________(Vehicle B)_(Car C) -------------------------- by AndresReport definition
A clan of three 8 12 months olds without any resides. They post lies on GameFAQssaying they team killed individuals on Resident Evil: Outbreak. They attempt to make on their own feel good by creating multiple phony records on GameFAQs and flooding the REO community forums saying they have been someone else and they got pwned by TKO. by CaronReport definition
Specialized Knock Out- A boxing term describing a situation in which one boxer is judged the winner after knocking others down three times. by AntioneReport definition
Turbo, Kelly, and Ozone. Through the 1984 film "Brakin'" also released as "Breakdance" in europe! by YoshikoReport definition
"the knock out team" or total "kaos"... crew of article writers in la. by Sonja SevierReport definition
1. In boxing terms, TKO indicates "Techinical Knock Out". A technical knock out occurs when an individual is hit straight down three times. 2. But, when it comes to someone's love life, a TKO means that you have been turned-down three times. Sad, but true. by AlainaReport definition

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