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182 lb, 6'2", 36 years old, and is considered the entire world's most dangerous secret representative. Though he reveals proficiency in stereotypical spy skills—weapons, driving, fighting techinques—his main interest in the work may be the opportunity to enjoy a jet-setting way of life packed with intercourse, alcohol, quickly vehicles and spy toys. A recurring joke for the show is Archer forgetting his pre-planned, witty one-liners, swearing "I had something for this" before saying something different. He in addition refuses to put on such a thing besides "tactical" turtlenecks during functions (he'll take the time to change into one in place of immediately disarming a bomb), and claims he had been the first to recognize the apparel's tactical potential. Archer comes with a powerful fascination with the star Burt Reynolds, usually quoting popular lines and re-enacting moments from Reynolds' numerous flicks and asking Lana Kaneconstantly if he looks like Reynolds. Although he's not the brightest person, competing representatives confess that nobody is much better in the field than Archer. Due to this, Archer is equally very likely to kill an area high in opponent representatives as he is to unintentionally cause a global disaster. He seemingly have an almost encyclopedic familiarity with things which tend to be totally irrelevant allowing him to make really witty references on a moment's notice (e.g. "Lana, you better telephone call Kenny Loggins 'cause you're in the uh, Danger Zone!"). He was mostly raised by his valet Woodhouse, who he constantly belittles. by Guillermina MclarenReport definition
to behave in a phenomenal yet compleatly self-serving fashion that, allthought helps other individuals,was done FOR SOUL ADVANTAGE OF ON YOUR OWN (be it an act of spoken personal ability, actual accumen or psychological wit) Also known becoming likened also "shit I'd some thing because of this!"In addition a phrase for taking place a rampage where you quietly and privately get rid of every oppositional power in your way- WITHOUT attracting focus on oneself. (LIKE : local police, national criminal activity detectives) by JeffereyReport definition
Sterling Archer, AKA "Duchess", is all that's man. Not merely is he the worlds most readily useful secret broker, but he's an accomplished cocksman. As he is not conserving society or having sex with an attractive women he could be most likely performing among 11 things: Belittling their valet Woodhouse, informing Lana Cane to call Kenny Loggins because she's within the "Danger Zone", beating Pam with a dolphin, having fun with an ocelot named Babou, referencing Bert Reynolds flicks, wanting to add an air vessel into his plans, utilizing working funds for personal expenses, drinking, saying "I swear to God I'd one thing for this", purchasing turtlenecks, and answering their phone with the ringtone "MULATTO BUTTS!". by AbbeyReport definition
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