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(a) Spread or turned-out.
(a) Clumsy or clumsily formed; awkward.
(a) Displayed; spread out; turned outward; hence, flat; ungainly; as, splay shoulders.
(n) Architecture An oblique angle or bevel fond of the edges of an opening in a wall so that the opening is wider on a single region of the wall surface than on the other side.
(n) A slope or bevel, especially of the edges of a door or screen, in which the opening is manufactured larger at one face of the wall than at the various other, or larger at each of faces than it is among them.
(n) scatter; flare.
(v) To spread (the limbs, for instance) down or apart, specifically clumsily.
(v) to create slanting or sloping; bevel.
(v) To dislocate (a bone). Used of an animal.
(v) To be disseminate or aside.
(v) To slant or slope.
(v) to show; to distribute.
(v) To dislocate, as a shoulder bone.
(v) To spay; to castrate.
to produce; unfold; spread out; for this reason, to chop up; carve: as, to splay a fish.
To dislocate, as a horse's neck.
In design, to slope; form with an oblique position, due to the fact jambs or sides of a window. Understand noun.

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The work of collapsing as awkwardly and spread-out as you possibly can creating an unrivaled sense of elation and euphoria and glee - an act typically accomplished inside nude. by Lynwood CowanReport definition
A visual defect created during plastic molding in which air and water create splash marks on the finished part. by Roman RenardReport definition
Splendid + Time by Marlys MontanaReport definition
v/nverb: the work of opening ones steak sized labia so that you can attract a mateorthe act of coitusnoun: meal this is certainly typically messy by Demetra BrandenburgReport definition
A contraction of let us and play for folks whose time will be valuable to state both. by Rocco AndresReport definition
To distribute all of them skank butt legs wide assured of attracting or luring in persons looking for poontang by Terrence MaddixReport definition

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    • display, spread, spay, castrate, displayed
  • Verb Forms for "Splay"
    • splayed, splaying, splays
  • Hypernym for "Splay"
    • open, unfold, spread out, spread, chamfer
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    • splayfoot, splayfooted
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