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Rolling in AZ Dictionary

(v) provide participle of roll.
(a) Rotating on an axis, or moving along a surface by rotation; switching over and over as though on an axis or a pivot.
(a) progressing rims or rollers, or as if on wheels or rollers.
(a) Having gradual, rounded undulations of surface.
(n) A reciprocating rotary movement about a fore-and-aft axis, more or less unusual, as of a ship at ocean.
(n) Ornamenting, by means of a bookbinders' roll, the sides or internal covers of a full-bound book.
(n) Smoothing or polishing report through calendering rollers.
Moving on wheels, or like on wheels.
Making a continuous noise resembling the roll of a drum: as, a rolling fire of musketry.
Wavy; undulating; increasing and dropping in mild mountains.

Rolling in Apiculture Dictionary

a phrase to describe what the results are whenever a frame is just too tight or pulled out prematurely and bees have pushed up against the comb alongside it and "rolled". This will make bees extremely frustrated and it is sometimes the reason for a queen being killed. by Vera AnkneyReport definition

Rolling in Community Dictionary

A term utilized whenever you're high on ecstasy. by ShirleyReport definition
- Getting high off ecstasy.- Striking an individual and using their valuables (used mainly in the south) by NamReport definition
trippin' of of ecstasy ;] by GeraldoReport definition
Rolling could be the high you receive from droppin` (eating/swallowing) a baum (or ecstasy). About 30min to one hour after droppin` a baum you may start to feel this comfortable, moving human body high. it will get started soft, then get heavier. The intesity of one's extreme will rise (to create peaking), then drop a bit. Then it'll get a lil' higher, and drop quite once again. That "rolling" feeling will stay untill the large is performed (between 5-8 hours). by JohnieReport definition
one of the biggest thoughts in the field. Absolute bliss. by Star CarlbergReport definition
when you are getting smudged off ecstasy. This is somewhat like less actual orgasms, simply extreme bliss and real euphoria. Touching folks seems so good, and moving id effortless and uninhibited. It isn't just like losing all control, you still have your morals, you merely feel less obligated to follow all of them. by Deetta BrinnReport definition

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