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(n) An act of passing something along from one individual, team, or station to a different.
(n) Sports A relay competition.
(n) Sports A division of a relay competition.
(v) to pass through along by or just as if by relay: relayed the message to his supervisor.
(v) to provide with fresh relays.
(v) Electronics to manage or retransmit by means of a relay.
(v) Alternative spelling of re-lay.
(v) control or run by relay
(v) transfer
(a) associated with, or obtaining the faculties of, an auxiliary equipment carry out by a feeble power but itself with the capacity of applying better force, always manage a comparatively effective device or device.
To put once again; put another time: since, to relay a pavement.
To transfer in the shape of a telegraphic or telephonic relay; use a relay.

Relay in Community Dictionary

the whole transfer of ones waste materials from his/her rectal hole into the rectal cavity of someone else. by LyleReport definition
public-service for Deaf, Hard of Hearing, or Speech Disabled. Offered through TTY, Cellphone, and Web. by Eva ValerioReport definition
A multi-author story written on an online forum, through email, or through the post. The story is created part by section (offer and take) because of the specific authors, each adding their very own plot improvements and twists.The writers have control over all of the figures along with the power to direct the circulation associated with story. by Alethia DinanReport definition
Tradition definition: "a series of persons relieving one another or taking turns." The term 'relay' can be applied to shift work. In some message-board communities on-line a relay can also be a reference to a game such as a use of the infamous 'Word Association'. It's also used to refer to a fictional story written by multiple writers who take it in turns to add their own chapter; typically concentrating on their own specific character. by Angla HonReport definition
The passage through of urine in one persons penis to a different individuals anus and permitting them to provide it towards appropriate waste receptacle. by Santiago HulbertReport definition
A state to be in a relationship. by Pearlie ParnellReport definition

Relay in Technology Dictionary

A relay is an electrically run or electromechanical switch composed of an electromagnet, an armature, a spring and a set of electrical connections. The electromagnetic switch is operated by a small household current that turns a bigger up-to-date in or off by either releasing or retracting the armature contact, therefore cutting or doing the circuit. Relays are necessary whenever there must be electric separation between controlled and control circuits, or when several circuits have to be managed by just one sign. by SaulReport definition

Relay in Sports Dictionary

Each group includes four members into the guys's events and three when you look at the women's events. Every group user has got to ski 6 miles with two bouts of shooting. by Nickolas YutzyReport definition

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    • shift, squad, relief, dawk, translator
  • Verb Forms for "Relay"
    • relayed, relaying, relays
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    • control, operate, pass along, pass on, communicate
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    • switch, sensor, transmitter, generator, comm
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