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The relaxing Unit, expression rU, (pronounced: "are you" frequently with a small pirate accent) is a derived unit of relaxation or well-deserved laziness/irresponsibility.It is equal to;1.) the amount of Netflix needed to prompt the watcher(s), "will you be still-watching?".2.) the vitality absorbed (relaxing done) when using 1 each 24oz. Porterhouse Steak to ones lips. Note: just meat may be used for this conversion (no veggies, rice, good fresh fruit) once the quantity of work done-by the consumed pet is kept in the meat as possible power which today becomes useable power because of the human absorbing the meat.3.) moving a direct electric current of 400 Amperes through one personal hand for starters second.This unit ended up being realized by the American, Sir Joshua Cook (1984-present), following the avid Netflix watcher/carnivore/basement tinkerer noticed an identical breasts of energy throughout his body after experiencing all three among these occasions. by GregoryReport definition
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