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n. skank butt ho. dirty biyatch. a slut whom you can slap the shit away from. typically though this identifies a dude. very degrading term. many damaging when delivered in conjunction with "bitch". by Yessenia MitraReport definition
most of you will be a bit down with this specific definition. i was around when this term initially came into being. yeah this means male bitch, nonetheless it refers to a dude on the internet which just does "LOL!" to every thing like a retard. a rekin is similar to a LOLtard. he is a bitch in that way - he simply laughs at everything, also shit that is not entertaining in order to kiss major ass. also a rekin believes that stupid butt shit is funny, and he won't even comprehend the in fact funny shit because he is only a retarded dumbass who "LOL" and all "LOL" variations (lol, LMAO, ROFL, hehe, haha, hahahaha, ahaha) to every little thing. by Ian HaoReport definition
n. Term coined recently because of its universal use in talking about an uncouth, uncultured, or oafish character. A REkiN cannot frequently connote a "born loser", but instead a dim-witted riffraff that is a product of their environment or upbringing. Because of this, a REkiN is perceived as a vagabond kind figure just who civilized culture has marginalized and contains minimum use for. A prototype REkiN will offer you little substance, shortage intelligible discussion, and also for the most component are pointless and sometimes repeated to the level of total monotony. Such is the nature of a REkiN, that is constantly regarded as being expendable. It is often the situation that a REkiN are mistreated or treated like a rag doll by his superiors and frequently their equals too. Nontheless, a REkiN strives to steadfastly keep up his subservient part and will be reluctant to oppose his master(s). He could be indeed a "yes-man". In modern slang, this connotation of a REkiN can be well summed up with all the phrase "a total bitch". This way, a REkiN makes himself seem to be a bit less expendable. by AdalineReport definition
n. cross between a donkey and a camel. this might be a unique slang word that is used as an animal metaphor due to the conventional donkey and camel stereotypes. a donkey is lazy, does no work, and it is probably one of the most ineffective pet types available. a camel, having said that, has actually qualities of being an unconditional bitch. this means, the camel allows individuals to drive on its straight back with reduced grievances (and minimal water feedings). if a donkey and a camel had been having a lovechild, a species with a mixture of the above mentioned named attributes will be born - a lazy bitch. thus, metaphorically, rekin identifies that - a lazy bitch. to be used when insulting a bitch like individual that is lazy and does only wait or loiter (or in other words, linger). by GeneviveReport definition
One lacking in good judgment and/or standard intellectual ability. Moron, idiot, trick, dummy, imbecile, retarded person. Popular to mention to a person of low intelligence, but also one that provides little price to society and who's regarded as a loser or failure. More properly, a good-for-nothing idiot or an unproductive bum with a pathetic presence. Slang term with become section of modern-day net forum vernacular, especially on South Asian community forums. Derogatory term. by Carmella HuckinsReport definition
n. a slave without views of his or her own. some body you keep as part of your group just to have a bitch butt around. usually however, a REkiN is only a bit of crap. a REkiN frequently gets raped within the ass and certainly will take it like a bitch. that's why their boss(es) enable the REkiN to stay around because he creates a beneficial puppy-dog or inexpensive whore. by Norah WolframReport definition
this is that you tend to be momentarily about to review is unquestionably far superior to any other individuals detailed. As an established contributor to urbandictionary.com, I'm it necessary to mention that I will be accepting job offers from Webster's and Oxford after my overall performance here. Talking about which, it must come as not surprising when for some reason, state per year from today, you are perusing through latest Webster's, and you also happen to find the word rekin. Therefore i'd like to just arrive at it and get positively obvious, crystal and brief. A rekin is an internet monkey whom engages in monkey internet pursuits like the monkey butt bitch that he is to be able to have traditionally overdue monkey sex with any arbitrary ugly ass monkies that his monkey butt results in. If you question the monkey analogy or elect to take the donkey/camel metaphor, then you definitely plainly cannot grasp exactly what a rekin is and so are because big a jackass as a rekin himself. Note that jackass in this instance will be regularly explain a restricted caliber and is not made use of as an animal guide, for a rekin is without a doubt just a monkey. In amount, a rekin is a monkey without balls to accomplish their company in just about any various other site except that the cyber world. by MichaelReport definition
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