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The capital and biggest city of Saskatchewan, Canada, within the southern an element of the province southeast of Saskatoon. It had been the main city of the Northwest Territories before the province of Saskatchewan was created in 1905. Population: 179,000.
(p) The reigning queen.
(p) The provincial capital of Saskatchewan (Canada) with a metropolitan populace of approximately 200,000.
(p) women given name.
(n) In herpetology, a genus of water-snakes or aquatic safe serpents for the family members Colubridæ. The kind could be the striped water-snake of this US, R. leberis.
(n) the provincial capital of Saskatchewan

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An awesome-music listening-concert going person. Be on the watch out for this unusual being they are generally appealing and possess a beneficial love of life. ready to share any advice/tips they've been aware of, has a tendency to have the attention course of a little rodent and has now a really addicting personality. Beware whenever encounter with such you whenever raged,smashes things,starts much more dilemmas or says/does anything destructive. Does not have numerous pals as a result of the woman crude humor. She's the all-around individual numerous attempt to be. by Wynell SaltzReport definition
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Quite possibly the most amazing spanish name there is certainly! You got that right...SPANISH!! Pronounced Re-hee-na, the name produce a sensual and rare aura and will be offering a unique method of title...as against the conventional pronunciation "Regina". The name features style, elegance, class, and beauty...what more can you want in a name?! men and women fortunate becoming given this name are often fun, fabulous, flirty, and flippin' gorgeous! Basically, being named Regina is similar to getting no-cost parking in Monopoly...it's constantly awesome!!! by Hilde ColemanReport definition
Regina could be the epitome regarding the term awesome, this woman is enjoyed by all and has the love of a rather lucky man! She's to not be confused with that shit gap town "Re-J-i-nah" in Canada. Title is "Ree-gee-nah" and she's soooo incredibly awesome that chuck norris authorized it therefore it's legislation!!! by Elsy BareReport definition
The Latin term for Queen. Frequently accustomed reference Mary, mom of Jesus. Nicknames for females known as Regina include Jean and Gina. by LacyReport definition
the administrative centre city for the province of Saskatchewan, Canada. Obvious "Re-j-I-nah" instead of the usually made use of "Re-j-ee-nah" and called following the latin term for Queen. Regina is determined to consist of 185,000 folks. Its downtown residential areas tend to be disappearing since the almost all development exists from the south-eastern percentage of the town. The main neighbourhoods are getting to be more prone to criminal activity and poverty and disportionally express individuals of aboriginal lineage. Its attractions are the IMAX, the Saskatchewan Science Centre, the Agridome, Taylor Field (the provincial CFL team the Saskatchewan Rough cyclists), the RCMP barracks, etc. In the past, Regina played a pivotal part in Canada's agricultural marketplace it is currently going towards a larger part in normal resources, particularly oil, gas, kimberlite.Historically a left-leaning city, at this time a provincial NDP stronghold. Regina signifies one of the largest native communities in Canada and celebrates its numerous countries with an annual special event labeled as "Mosaic". Regina also is residence towards University of Regina. GO RAMS! by Yessenia MitraReport definition

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