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Paine, Robert Treat 1731-1814. American Revolutionary leader and jurist. A signer regarding the Declaration of Independence, he later served as a justice of the Massachusetts supreme courtroom (1790-1804).
Paine, Thomas 1737-1809. British-born US journalist and Revolutionary leader whom had written the pamphlet good sense (1776) arguing for US self-reliance from Britain. In England he published The Rights of guy (1791-1792), a defense for the French Revolution.
(p) An English surname, of Norman derivation, indicating an individual who lived away from a city (See Latin pagus).
(n) United states Revolutionary frontrunner and pamphleteer (produced in The united kingdomt) just who supported the American colonist's fight for freedom and supported the French Revolution (1737-1809)
(n) American Revolutionary leader and signer for the Declaration of Independence (1731-1814)

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