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(a) psychokinesis
(n) The ISO 3166-1 two-letter (alpha-2) signal for Pakistan.
(n) expression for the petakelvin, an SI device of thermodynamic temperature corresponding to 1015 kelvins.
(n) a standard contraction of park and peck.
(i) psychokinesis
(i) preacher's child, pastor's kid — the child of a clergyman, particularly a Protestant clergyman
(i) player killer or player kill.

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Pronounced "Pee-kay"Originally definition "Player Killing," the definition of PK is currently also colloquially utilized in Asia and Taiwan as a verb as a type of your message versus in situations where there might actually be no avatar/player killing. It really is many used in 1v1 circumstances like 1v1 basketball, 1v1 starcraft, 1v1 league of legends, 1v1 chess, 1v1 eating competitions, 1v1 footrace etc. PK can certainly be placed on situations in which one team is against another in a-1 staff vs 1 staff situation like inside NBA, soccer, baseball, etc.not to be confused with Penis Kissing if you do not need piss down Asians. by QuinnReport definition
In Cantonese swearing, occasionally talking about "pok gai", therefore travel on a street or fall-down considering tripping. by Alease MeunierReport definition
ways "Player eliminate" Which is used usually for online flash games eg MMORPG's. by Carmella HuckinsReport definition
P.K. ORIGINALLY intended Preacher's Child. Typically having to do with the paradox that a preacher's child is doing or has commited bad or wrong functions- acts you wouldn't expect from a "preacher's child!" by DarlenaReport definition
Poor child. someone with little to no or no cash.Sterotype in school by ShirleyReport definition

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