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A province of east-central Canada. It joined the confederation in 1867. Very first checked out by French explorers in the early 1600s, it passed into the British in 1763 and became part of the province of Quebec in 1774. It had been known as Upper Canada as a result of its division from Quebec (after that Lower Canada) in 1791. Reunited with Lower Canada in 1841, it became an independent province with the formation regarding the confederation. Toronto may be the capital and also the largest city. Populace: 12,200,000.
A city of south California east of la. It really is a residential and manufacturing center in a citrus-growing region. Populace: 173,000.
LakeOntario the tiniest associated with the Great Lakes, between southeast Ontario, Canada, and northwest nyc. The St. Lawrence Seaway and Welland Ship Canal relate solely to the pond to afford passage by oceangoing vessels to another Great Lakes.
(p) A lake between Ontario province and nyc State.
(p) A province in east Canada that features Toronto as its capital.
(p) A city in Ca.
(n) a prosperous and industrialized province in central Canada
(n) the tiniest of Great Lakes

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The mega province of Canada. Population 12 million+ with a population density of about 16.8 people per sq km. Shares borders with Manitoba, Quebec, New York and Michigan. To the north is Hudson Bay and to the South is Lake Superior, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Ontario is the economic engine of Canada. It contains Canada's largest cities. However most of the popultion lives in South Ontario (approx. 11.6 million) and lesser to the north (approx. 400,000). But North Ontaio has its cities (Sudbury, Thunder Bay, North bay). South Ontario however is one of the most densist places in North America. With major cities like: Toronto (nation's biggest city and provincial capital), Hamilton (The most populous Hamilton), Ottawa (nation's capital), Kingston, London (For defenition of this city check London, Ontario), Windsor and Kitchner. Ontario is highly sterotyped by the rest of Canada. But what they don't relise if it wasn't for us, there wouldn't be a Canada. Ontario is also called an election backbone becuase it accounts for more than 30% of the votes in an Canadian Election. by CalvinReport definition
an extremely dull province in Canada.Ontario’s culture is rooted in pussy loyalists that were too cowardly to stand around the British throughout the American Revolution. Directly after we delivered the Uk on their way, the loyalists didn't have the balls to manage the songs so they really trotted up to Upper Canada that will be today Ontario. Usually we'd have burned them with sticks and overcome their asses with bats and chains.Ontario comprises of urban centers like Toronto that prefer to think they are equally genuine and cool as US cities however they only do not have the special jazz. The citizens are either pasty white law-abiding puritans or awesome liberal new age kinds that pride by themselves at being modern. By the way the minorities are a bunch of lame poser wanksters which means you can’t accuse me of choosing in only the pasty whites.Ottawa is a good town nevertheless core regarding the province made up of places like Waterloo, Hamilton, Toronto and Belleville which are totally lame. Until you would you like to celebration with a lot of stiff boring wussies, don’t head to Ontario. Montreal however is quite ill. by Willy WittyReport definition
Actually, in Canada it is possible to drive at 16 and drink at 19! Ontario is Canada's biggest province by population, 12 million+. I also hosts the nation's largest town, Toronto, with a population of approximately 3 million. Toronto is also house to your world's tallest framework, the CN Tower at about 1 800 foot. by VadaReport definition
ontario isn't only a provence in canada. It title of an african-american in spartanburg, sc, and some invest california. truthfully no shiting. by Alethia DinanReport definition
the biggest province in Canada by population and the next biggest by size. Positioned west of Quebec, east of Manitoba, and north of brand new York State, Michigan, and Minnesota. Ontario may be the economic motor of Canada and home to Canada's largest city, Toronto. Various other huge metropolitan areas consist of Ottawa (the nationwide capital), Hamilton, London, Kitchener-Waterloo, and Windsor. Ontario is financially and ideologically split involving the populated, urban, and rich south and the vast reaches of the northen area of the province. Many people off their elements of Canada think Ontarians tend to be arrogant wankers that would sell unique mom for a quick dollar or a blow job. But these criticisms come from people with tiny penises with no balls. by AnjelicaReport definition
many populous province in canada, although most people inhabit the south area of the region, across the 401 corridor. ontario is very much like nyc state. scores of men and women are now living in the south, and ridicule the northern part. contains the megaplex they call toronto and the surronding GTA (higher toronto area, perhaps not the video game), using its mass of over 6 million folks. comes with the nat'l capital of ottawa, home toward most irritating of all hockey teams and an admirer base that is unable to help CFL football. windsor and oshawa are actually the united states's auto capitals, since detroit transpired the crapper. hamilton is the metal center and is suburbs basically today relate solely to the western suburbs of toronto. london is another big city too, but no-one really cares about it. the rest of canada believes the news in the country is biased toward ontario, and they are prob appropriate. the only real canadian province americans really know is present, together with location in which 19-20 yr old usa children jump the border to go to niagara falls bars. by Homer MoretReport definition
Dispite misconceptions of a Canadian Providence, Ontario is really a tiny city in Upstate New York decided on the shore of Lake Ontario and divided by RT 104. Home to a Nuclear Power Plant, Wayne Central School District, and Ontario Video and Information, Ontario signifies the typical outlying agriculture city outside of the Greater Rochester Area. by Darleen ZawislakReport definition

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