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It really is a serious issue sweeping the nation! Familiar with explain their state one is in after seeing a film which was excessively hyped to the level where frustration had been bound becoming the sole result. The origin regarding the term is through the movie "The laptop" since this movie can be over-hyped. by GeneviveReport definition
when some guy or woman drops madly in love with some body and can become a sap and stops witnessing their friends and going out socialising and rather sits in the home staring into the eyes of these relative.they have a similar loving look in their particular eyes whilst the characters inside film the notebook. by TariReport definition
Stopping development on something since you can't find a way to develop a revenue flow from this, though it's widely-used and sustained by various other products you make. by Kandis HammonsReport definition
Term familiar with describe a lady just who makes a boy unfortunate and mental from seeing the movie "The Notebook". by Harvey MaudlinReport definition
a phrase used to explain how a man or woman gets their boyfriend or gf to watch the film "The Notebook", and most times, attempting to (or successfully) making them emotional and sad so they have been in a situation becoming seduced/ needing to be liked. A phrase accustomed describe exactly what generally employs is "notebook sex". "Notebooking" ended up being featured in a Season 3 bout of "One Tree Hill". by Thea WinbushReport definition
whenever you watch the film The Notebook, while have activity due to it, you have got "notebooked" the girl. by Ka DeansReport definition
whenever a girl attempts to make a man watch the laptop, but rather gets curved over the coffee-table ten minutes ahead of the end! by Dane AlgarinReport definition
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