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(n) Mormon Church An ancient prophet believed to have buried the sacred history of the Americas published by his dad, Mormon, near Palmyra, New York, during the early fifth century A.D., and also to have later did actually Joseph Smith as an angel to direct him to your burial web site.
the main city associated with Comoros, on Grand Comoro Island at the north end associated with Mozambique Channel. Population: 41,500.
(p) the main city of this Comoros.
(p) a tiny town in central Utah.
(p) the final book within the Book of Mormon

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A Mormon; a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The term 'moroni' is a reference to the angel Moroni, who Mormons believe aided Joseph Smith in the founding of the church. The image of the angel Moroni blowing a trumpet is a common symbol and registered trademark of the church. by ShirleyReport definition
Pronounced: More-Oh-Knee1. A form of dinosaur.2. An italian final name3. A funny person4. Another term for mormon5. A single evening stand by DevonaReport definition
the phrase "Moronic" without the final letter "c"."Moroni" originated from an obvious inside joke when Mormonism creator Joseph Smith mused that no body would ever before 'C' (see) how MORONIc his teachings were. 'Mormons' (in Smith's mind: 'Mor-ons' with an extra 'm' in the syllable, or 'Moron-Men' re-spelled only using one vowel) would encapsulate all just who 'refuse to C (see), and unquestioningly follow Smith's/Moroni(c) teachings.'Although various other definitions included here follow authoritative Mormon party line, the word "Moroni" arrived via Satanic revelation whilst Joseph Smith (JS) had been formulating his false faith. The mere reality JS would identify his patron messenger and subsequent faith "Moroni" and "Mormonism", correspondingly, is a testament into the contempt with that he presented all men. by RandyReport definition
Slang for Mormon; a part associated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.The term 'moroni' is a reference to the angel Moroni, which Mormons think assisted Joseph Smith when you look at the founding of church.The image associated with angel Moroni blowing a trumpet is a very common symbolization and licensed trademark regarding the church by CorneliusReport definition

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