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(n) a thing that occupies room and that can be observed by more than one sensory faculties; a physical human anatomy, a physical compound, or even the universe in general.
(n) Physics a thing that has actually size and is present as a great, fluid, gas, or plasma.
(n) a particular types of material: inorganic matter.
(v) Become worth focusing on: "Love is many almost itself/Whenever right here and from now on cease to matter” ( T.S. Eliot). See Synonyms at count1.
(v) is worth addressing; to import; to represent.
(v) To form pus or matter, as an abscess; to maturate.
(i) as a matter of fact indeed; in fact.
(i) for that matter So far as this is certainly worried; for that.
(i) regardless of Regardless of: "Yet there isn't a train I'dn't simply take,/No matter where it's going” ( Edna St. Vincent Millay).
(v) is crucial.
(v) To love, to mind; to get important.
(v) have actually body weight; have import, carry weight
(v) To consider as crucial; to take account of; to look after.
is of importance; import; signify: chiefly found in bad and interrogative phrases: since, it doesn't matter; what does it matter?
To form pus; collect or perhaps released, as matter in an abscess; in addition, to discharge pus.
To regard; maintain; brain.

Matter in Astronomy Dictionary

a word always explain something that contains mass. by Breann RemleyReport definition

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example, matter is whatever has actually both size and volume. Situation can be great or little. As a people we know matter larger and smaller compared to our phrase of comprehension and take the unknown regarding matter yet becoming discovered. Look at Neutrinos-(don't be sluggish about learning-look them up). Thing does not have any proper or wrong phrase connected to its presence; ergo no right or wrong for matter; though all energy has a color range whether expressed, recognized or perhaps. ergo IT THINGS by William 'Bill' McPhee as an example, pinuar method by PatrickReport definition

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  • Synonym for "Matter"
    • material, body, substance, theme, concern
  • Antonym for "Matter"
    • form
  • Verb Forms for "Matter"
    • mattered, mattering, matters
  • Phrases for "Matter"
    • doesn't matter, matter what, a matter, particulate matter, laughing matter
  • Rhyme for "Matter"
    • Attar, Hatter, Tatar, antimatter, batter
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    • moment, import, consequence, trouble, problem
  • Cross Reference for "Matter"
    • material, pus, quantity, copy, importance
  • Equivalent for "Matter"
    • matter of fact, upon the whole matter
  • Form for "Matter"
    • no matter, it doesn't matter
  • Same Context for "Matter"
    • subject, thing, idea, affair, problem
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