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(p) a lady offered title.

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a lady who's extremely quiet and thoughtful. She does not state much but don't undervalue the woman amazing intelligence. She is kind and respects everybody else. She tends to make an excellent friend because she's going to be here obtainable no matter what. She'll fight obtainable during crisis. She's high and skinny and beautiful with gorgeous eyes. She is extremely observant and watches people to study from all of them. She can be extremely seductive if she wishes your attention. She is goal-driven and enthusiastic as to what she really loves. She wants to be alone but has actually a couple of friends. If you satisfy a Martina, don't just take her for given plus don't clean the lady down as merely another chick. She actually is different and special. She sees things people do not. by Homer MoretReport definition
Martina is the sweetest, funniest, many comforting individual previously. She's strong and separate. She's skilled and gorgeous. She is occasionally perhaps not the best person, but she simply haven't exposed to you personally however. She's a fighter. She's the neck you want to cry on. She is anyone you desire reassuring you in crisis. Like I said SHE'S A FIGHTER. She battles for what matters to the girl . Whether it's buddies, objects, comfort, or love.She is stunning although not loads folks notice or inform the girl that. She actually is always is often making folks feel truly special and confident yet not lots of people do this for her. She isn't perfect. This woman is Martina. She respects everybody. You're going to be blinded by the woman beauty. Seriously. You will end up like WOAH OMG that girl is gorgeous. She should be a Martina.Whoever is scanning this knowing a Martina after that get acquainted with the girl better since you will get a fantastic buddy. You'll not regret it. by Hortencia DaileyReport definition
Warrior or WarlikeThe concept of the name Martina is Servant Of Mars, Jesus Of WarThe source of name Martina is LatinMartina (passed away after 641) had been the 2nd Empress consort of Heraclius associated with the Byzantine Empire. by Celina BraswellReport definition
the most effective funniest, prettiest, blackest, sweetest individual previously. They like to hang out with people but a very good time. These are generally way a lot better than the megan's additionally the kim's nowadays. Oh and they're deathly scared of leaking liquid and clowns. They likewise have blond tresses and blue eyes...but their black colored!! by RodolfoReport definition
Funniest, craziest, & most goofy woman you certainly will ever before satisfy. Her curly hair and huge breasts can certainly make you fall in love practically instantly. The woman human anatomy is incredibly fit and her 6 pack will certainly prompt you to pop a boner. And if you are fortunate to sack her, she's got amazing skill into the bed and may get permanently. The woman personality is much like none various other so when you take your gaze off her chest you'll see that the woman beauty is simply as good. by Wenona MurielReport definition
when seen your almost blinded by her beauty, you may catch your jaw losing b/c you are simply therefore amazed by this girl's appearance. Only everything is just right about it girl. YOU DESIRE HER IN LIFETIME AND DO NOT LET HER GO. FOR stupid ass nigga by LeopoldoReport definition
gorgeous. Fun becoming around. Great in bed. The best woman previously. Strong, can battle. An excellent buddy. and someone you wish to get to know. by Yessenia MitraReport definition

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