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(n) the 8 celestial systems which orbit the sun's rays: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.
(n) Those planets being larger than the Earth; particularly Jupiter , Saturn , Uranus , Neptune (in solar power program)
(n) a celestial human body that fits the 2006 IAU definition of earth

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a name always describe any world which dramatically bigger and more huge compared to world, possesses large quantities of hydrogen and helium. Jupiter and Neptune are types of major planets. by Cynthia PressReport definition

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  • Antonym for "Major%20Planet"
    • minor planet, dwarf planet
  • Hyponym for "Major%20Planet"
    • day-star, inferior planet, Jovian planet, terrestrial planet, Hesperus
  • Hypernym for "Major%20Planet"
    • heavenly body, celestial body
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