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(a) key; key. See Synonyms at main.
(a) Exerted toward utmost; sheer: by primary strength.
(a) Nautical Connected to or situated nearby the mainmast: a principal skysail.
(n) the principle or largest part: their ideas are, in the primary, impractical.
(n) The principal pipe or conduit in a system for conveying water, fuel, oil, or any other energy.
(n) actual energy: fought with might and main.
(a) really; greatly; considerably; mightily; incredibly; extremely.
(a) Very; exceptionally.
Great in proportions or level; vast; hence, powerful; powerful; essential.
Principal; prime; chief; leading; of chief or major importance: as, their primary effort would be to please.
Principal or main in size or degree; biggest; composed of the greatest part; most significant by reason of size or strength: because, the main timbers of a building; the primary branch of a river; the primary body of an army.

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A main describes whenever videos online game has several characters/weapons/profile to choose from and a gamer has actually chosen a specific personality he specializes with, generally for on the web play.Mains tend to be plumped for frequently because their game play faculties provides the model of play for the gamer. Although some mains tend to be chose regarding news rise in popularity of the smoothness despite their inherit weaknesses (ex. Cloud Strife in Dissidia, connect in Soul Calibur, etc.).Noobs frequently main characters which they can spam (over and over repeatedly utilize the exact same move over repeatedly with general success in gameplay) by Eva ValerioReport definition
totally, actually, very - signifies an excessive amount of one thing by JohnieReport definition
1. the absolute most important2. a well liked girlfriend or boyfriend3. a best buddy, typically a dude, as in "my main man".4. ebonics for "man"5. main vein, the vein familiar with inject heroin, see additionally primary lining by CarieReport definition
noun, what a person calls a woman that's his #1 girl, as apposed to another females he may have. by Harvey MaudlinReport definition
Pre-owned im host to the phrase "man / homie / homeboy" in a greeting or genreal phrase. by PatrickReport definition

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    • central, various, major, serre, fourth
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