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(n) A metric product of length add up to 1,000 meters (0.62 mile). See Dining Table at dimension.
(n) United States spelling of kilometre.
(n) A measure of size, being a lot of meters. Its equal to 3,280.84 foot, or 0.62137119 of a mile.

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abbreviated kilometer. 1 km = 1000 meters = 105 cm = 0.62 mile. by AshaReport definition

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one thousand yards. A metric measurment utilized for mid to lengthy distances. Roughly 5/8 or .625 of a mile. A word which can be - more often than not - BUTCHERED by alledgedly informed media speakers and now the general population.The correct pronunciation is dependent on the truth that initial an element of the term is 'kilo' definition 1000 and uttered as 'keelo.' The second part is 'meter', uttered 'meeter.' Hence the actual pronunciation for this 'whopper' - provide me some slack - is 'keelomeeter' with all the 'o' pronounced because it's usually uttered in the alphabet instead of the lengthy 'awww' sound. The real reason for this will be best provided through comprehension prefixes and suffixes in addition to examining exactly how various other relevant metric dimensions are uttered. 'Centimeter' as an example isn't uttered 'cent-IM-itter' as 'millimeter' just isn't uttered 'mill-IM-itter.' Both of these words usually are NOT BUTCHERED and are usually found stated precisely as 'sEnta-mEEter' or 'sEnti-meeter' - using the 'i' pronounced like in your message 'it.' And 'milli-meeter' - 'i' pronounced such as the phrase 'it.' Or 'milleemeeter.' by Vera AnkneyReport definition

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