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(n) Sports A jockey.
(n) A disc jockey.
(n) An athletic supporter.
(v) to masturbate
(v) to humiliate
(v) to take
To jolt.

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Jock. US slang for the thick-but-amiable types that always excel socially. No clue exactly how, for some of these tend to be arrogant bastards which believe the planet would blow it self up in mourning should they had been to perish. In addition, they have a tendency to lie for each othe maintain their noses clean. Ostracism by such admirable specimens lead to Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold perpetrating the Columbine massacre of 1999. So, in an odd kind of means, they truly are partly accountable. But that is neither right here nor here. Feminine: preppy. by Santiago HulbertReport definition
people, who, adds small or absolutely nothing to community.A one who typically picks on the geek or some one smaller compared to him See: CowardUsually plays football or some other recreation that truly will likely not assist them to in the long run.____________Note Below_______________JOCKS AREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE MISTAKEN FOR REAL ATHLETES. Genuine athletes strive since tough as they can to achieve a specific goal they strive at IE: Swimming, operating, playing Basketball, Boxing.Many MULTIPLE Jocks cannot do these activities appropriate, and will not anytime someday.Jocks waste their particular time on such trivial what to know it wont matter someday.Their not enough IQ and skill is changed by good social skills, that wont matter in the end either.Jocks own ricers and (Despite well-known belief,) spend most of their time online. by Ian HaoReport definition
To clear things up, discover an important distinction between a jock and professional athletes. Jocks tend to abuse their appeal, whilst professional athletes cannot really mind which they speak with or spend time with. by BulahReport definition
a child in twelfth grade that's moms and dads paid everything for. Generally having bad grades, operating an excellent car as though he received it, hitting on most of the naughty girls and having interest due to their sell-out design and flashy white teeth. by DevonaReport definition

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