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A country of southwest Asia. Website of some old Mesopotamian civilizations, including Sumer, Akkad, Assyria, and Babylonia, the spot dropped to Cyrus the fantastic of Persia (6th century B.C.), Alexander the truly amazing (4th century B.C.), Arabs (7th century), and later towards the Ottoman Turks (16th century). It was established as a completely independent kingdom in 1921 and became a republic following the assassination (1958) of Faisal II. Baghdad is the capital and biggest city. Population: 27,500,000.
(p) nation in Mesopotamia that borders on Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and Turkey. Official title: Republic of Iraq.
(n) a republic in the Middle East in western Asia; the old civilization of Mesopotamia was at the region now-known as Iraq

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Put George Bush chose to attack for many factors.1. It is in the centre East.2. Their father had already tried and didn't get rid of Saddam.3. He's a crap president, and war detracts interest from thisSupposedly in posession of super-powerful WoMDs, which by yet haven't been found. by KimberyReport definition
A country that, while liberated because of the 'shoot first' phase, is rapidly deteriorating during 'ask concerns later on' phase. by Alethia DinanReport definition
In Biblical times, called Erech. Title Iraq is a modernized spelling of "Uruk", an ancient city-state in ancient Summeria.After the collapse of the Ottoman (Turkish)empire, European countries carved up worldwide boundaries as well as in the course of restructuring had created the modern-day nation of "Iraq". Doomed to failure right away, this artificially-created country ended up being home to a lot of disparate ethnicities and religions. Internal conflict ended up being inevitable.The increase associated with the Baath party (as well as its unavoidable autumn at the hands of the American-led coalition) ended up being a response to this conflict.There is not any single language talked in Iraq. Standard Arabic is most often used with Kurdish, Turkmen, Assyrian and Farsi talked by a minority of this populace. by Abbie KoepkeReport definition
somewhere where Americans are dying, simply because they never should have already been there. by Selene BunnReport definition
a country the US is invested in liberating, even if they should eliminate every final man, girl and youngster inside it to do it. by Nilsa BogardReport definition
The 53rd condition of The united states after Britian by Yvonne MerrowReport definition
the sole Middle-Eastern country that Us americans must locate on a map. It is because Us citizens tend to be ignorant to whatever does not involve all of them. by RobertoReport definition

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