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(n) A colorless, odorless inert gaseous element occurring in natural gas in accordance with radioactive ores. It is used as an element of synthetic atmospheres and laser news, as a refrigerant, as a lifting gas for balloons, so when a superfluid in cryogenic study. Atomic number two; atomic fat 4.0026; boiling-point -268.9°C; thickness at 0°C 0.1785 gram per liter. See Dining Table at factor.
(n) A colorless and inert gas, and the 2nd lightest chemical factor (symbol He) with an atomic few 2 and atomic weight of 4.002602.
(n) A form or sample of element.

Helium in Astronomy Dictionary

the 2nd lightest and second many plentiful factor. The normal helium atom comprises of a nucleus of two protons as well as 2 neutrons in the middle of two electrons. Helium was discovered within our sunlight. About 25 percent of our Sun is helium. by Esmeralda EdmondsonReport definition

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The light of the noble gasses, at. no. 2, used as a lifting agent for zeppelins and balloons. If you inhale it, your voice will sound really funny like you're pinching your nose. Just don't asphyxiate yourself, or you'll be sorry. by Tawanna DerosaReport definition
truly fun for high from by Sandy MessmerReport definition

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