What does Greenhouse Effect mean?

Greenhouse Effect in AZ Dictionary

(n) The occurrence wherein our planet's atmosphere traps solar power radiation, brought on by the existence inside atmosphere of gases such as for example co2, water vapor, and methane that allow incoming sunshine to feed but soak up heat radiated back from planet's surface.
(n) an identical retention of solar radiation, as by another planet or perhaps in a solar panel.
(n) (using the) the procedure by which a planet is warmed by its atmosphere.

Greenhouse Effect in Agriculture Dictionary

a favorite term familiar with describe the functions of carbon dioxide keeping in mind the Earth's area warmer than it might be otherwise. These " radiatively active" fumes tend to be reasonably transparent to incoming shortwave radiation, but they are relatively opaque to outbound longwave radiation, trapping it for subsequent re-radiation returning to the top, maintaining greater area conditions. by Nell LerchReport definition

Greenhouse Effect in Astronomy Dictionary

a rise in heat caused whenever incoming solar radiation is passed away but outgoing thermal radiation is obstructed because of the atmosphere. Skin tightening and and water vapour are two associated with the major fumes responsible for this effect. by Thea WinbushReport definition

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(letter.) Soem gasses, such as for example skin tightening and (CO2) citizen in earths' atmosphere behave like greenhouse cup and trap some of the temperature your sun shines on us (by producing even more molescules for it to travel through, in the positive side it moves faster, not that you would notice). There are too many fo these gasses when it comes to plantlife on earth to absorb, therefore gradually the planet earth is warming up, and also by 2030, 15 million Bangladeshis are homless. As you should care... by GeraldoReport definition
the cumulative effectation of 200-odd many years of industrialisation and thinking that we are (the human race) smart. Fossil fuels ought to be banned! by TiffanieReport definition
See Ice Age by Olene LucchesiReport definition
1) an important an element of the carbon cycle that helped correctly manage the conditions of planet together with CO2 amounts within planet's environment for quite some time and won't only break because various people start driving SUVs and cooking on charcoal grills.2) The confounded and/or irritated look on someone's face whenever you tell that "What color is a purple residence?" "Purple" "exactly what color is a blue household?" "Blue" "exactly what color is a green home?" "Green" "INCORRECT! It really is clear!" joke, because green houses are now actually quite green, in addition they hate you for telling these types of a stupid joke.Next time, stick with "the reason why did the chicken cross the trail?" by AureliaReport definition

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