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(p) A surname of German source.
(p) A handgun produced by the Glock business.

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Glocks are Austrian handguns first manufactured in 1980. The firearm makes use of a polymer framework but can still trigger steel detectors, as 40% regarding the firearm is polymer, the rest is material. The Glock 17 had been the first for the show, nonetheless it was not known as the 17 predicated on its capability, but its location as seventeenth item in the Glock organization. The Glocks utilize a modified Browning locked breech short recoil operating concept to fire(except the .380 lightweight designs which are blowback run). The Glock types have since increased and now the designs cover anything from 17-39 in calibers .380, 9mm, .40 caliber, 10mm, .45 ACP, and .45 GAP(a shorter Glock made round means "Glock automated Pistol")The guns go in this order.1. The Glock 17 in 9mm.2. The Glock 18, the entire automobile varient of Glock 17.3. The Glock 19, a compacted version of the Glock 17 nevertheless in 9mm.4. The Glock 20, in 10mm.5. The Glock 21 in .45 ACP.6. The Glock 22 in .40 caliber.7. The Glock 23, the compact type of the 22, still in .40 cal.8. The Glock 24, your competition model of the 22, today discontinued, nevertheless in .40 cal.9. The Glock 25, the version similair into the Glock 19 but in .380 quality. This model makes use of a blowback operation.10. The Glock 26 is the sub-compact version of the Glock 19.11. The Glock 27 may be the .40 caliber type of the Glock 26.12. The Glock 28 could be the sub-compact form of the Glock 25 in .380 caliber.13. The Glock 29 could be the 10mm subcompact variation similair into 26.14. The Glock 30 may be the .45 ACP version of the Glock 29.15. The Glock 31, in .357 Sig caliber.16. The Glock 32, the compact Glock 31 however in .357 Sig.17. The Glock 33 is the subcompact version of the 32 however in .357 Sig.18. The Glock 34 may be the competition form of the Glock 17 in 9mm.19. The Glock 35 may be the .40 quality type of the Glock 34(competition gun).20. The Glock 36 could be the extremely lightweight "slimline" .45 ACP model.21. The Glock 37, in .45 GAP(glock automated pistol).22. The Glock 38 is the small version of the Glock 37, however in .45 GAP.23. The Glock 39 is the sub-compact type of the Glock 37.They also have upgraded in years. 1st years are plain with level manages and level front noses. The 2nd years added hand going in the front side regarding the handle and serrations regarding back. The modern 3rd generation models have actually a tactical train mount in the nostrils, finger grooves in the handle, and a thumb indent on both sides. The Glock has been tested proven reliable, being submerged in seawater for per week, washed and fired and functioned flawlessly. Glocks have actually beem popular with numerous for nearly three decades and is a typical standard given handgun of law enforcment. by Verla PauloReport definition
contrary to public opinion, the Glock isn't just the preferred firearm of gangsters along with other criminals, but in addition the most well-liked firearm of 40per cent regarding the US's police force companies, in adition to that of a number of government agencies. Simply because it really is an inexpensive, lightweight, and in general extremely dependable handgun. The latest Glock, the G37, is chambered to fire an innovative new custom .45 GAP (Glock automobile Pistol) cartridge, which will be nothing but a necked down .45 ACP round. by Ian HaoReport definition
The gun you ought to grab if you see Tupac. by Dane AlgarinReport definition
n. 1) An Austrian firm, known for it really is fine pistols, though in addition manufactures entrenching tools and knives. Glock pistols are unique in that they will have no outside safties, and tend to be fashioned with high-impact polymers - though they are 80% steel, and can tripped metal detectors.2) Gaston Glock, their president and President.3) Slang: An expensive-looking semi-automatic pistol. by Marlys MontanaReport definition

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  • Sentence for "Glock"
  • Synonym for "Glock"
    • crowd, congregate, school, herd, swarm
  • Verb Forms for "Glock"
    • flocked, flocking, flocks
  • Phrases for "Glock"
    • Sixpack Glock, Glock Magnum, Glock Model, Glock pistols, Glock semi
  • Rhyme for "Glock"
    • Bach, Bangkok, Bloch, Block, Brock
  • Hypernym for "Glock"
    • congregation, faithful, fold, animal group, crowd
  • Cross Reference for "Glock"
    • company, multitude, group
  • Form for "Glock"
    • flocked, flocking
  • Same Context for "Glock"
    • herd, sheep, cattle, swarm, multitude
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