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An intermittent river, about 1,126 km (700 mi) long, of this Simpson Desert in north-central Australia.
(p) a lady given name, the feminine kind of George.

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striking Goodness good sweet stunning. can sometimes move you to aggravated but her heart is in the correct place she constantly means well. if you are in some trouble Georgina is definitely here for you. a shoulder to cry on if she needs it. as soon as you cry she is constantly willing to comfort you help you and beat-up those just who made you cry. To conclude Georgina is considered the most perfect buddy by Lindsey CocklinReport definition
A beautiful name,(an angel for above) a fantastic name for a girl, Expecially when a special someone is amazing in so many ways, kind in heart and soul, but most of all a smile that lights up a dull and dark room. Beautiful in everyway. by LarryReport definition
Pronounced crossed with Georgina and Vagina. She is a complex human who life in a world in the middle of pets. She actually is strong willed and honest. This woman is gorgeous and knows when you should inform individuals bang down. The woman dress code is fabulous. Type in both the woman heart and soul, but the majority of all a grin that lights up a dull and dark room. Any man would-be happy having the girl and any woman will be happy is her friend. Shes some one you had wish to be with throughout your life. Shes constantly indeed there obtainable and certainly will continually be your absolute best friend. Even though you stop being the woman friend she's going to never end being yours. by Nikita IsabellReport definition
A majestic mermaid, ruler associated with sea. Sings the tracks of the woman men and women, frequently luring sailors to their fatalities. She actually is the sea area of the factor trio along side Robyn and Hannah. She loves cake and dessert. She is a friend with a good personality, however she can get depressed and has anger problems. by CalvinReport definition
Georgina strong, outgoing, headstrong and reveals it into the crazy means she dresses and acts. She actually is exceedingly beautiful but the woman strong character often deters men and women. She always needs to win which occasionally gets in the form of her often nice character. She is great at anything else she tries. Most people are secretly in love with her or jealous of the lady. by Letisha GullattReport definition
an incredible person who wears the subject Thee Peasant KingEveryone must bow right down to herAnd provide this lady most of the potatoes by MaxwellReport definition
a striking woman who's the most amazing smile ever, is smart and everyone loves. by AbbeyReport definition

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