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(n) Electromagnetic radiation emitted by radioactive decay and having energies in a variety from ten thousand (104) to ten million (107) electron volts.
(n) very-high-frequency (and as a consequence very high power) electromagnetic radiation emitted because of radioactivity.
(n) an extremely penetrating electromagnetic ray not appreciably deflected by a magnetic or electric area, emitted by radioactive substances. Gamma rays are photons of electromagnetic radiation having a wavelength shorter than that of X-rays, (i. e. shorter than 0.1 nanometer) and tend to be correspondingly much more penetrating than X-rays. Not only is it given off in a few kinds of radioactive decay, they could be found in cosmic radiation, though they are mainly consumed because of the earth's environment. Gamma-ray detectors orbited above the environment have discovered bursts of gamma radiation, in many cases associated with aesthetically observed supernova explosions, however in most cases from unidentified resources.

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the best energy (shortest wavelength) photons in the electromagnetic spectrum. Gamma rays are often defined to begin at 10 keV, although radiation from around 10 keV to many hundred keV can also be referred to as hard x-rays. by MelanyReport definition

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A band created by "Kai Hansen" who had been the guitarist and vocalist the German melodic energy material musical organization "Helloween"...Helloweens most readily useful songs is made when Kai Hansen was at the musical organization...now he's relocated his skill to Gamma Ray...A weightier Helloween...who've songs about something from...Illuminati, area and steel...Best energy Band previously by Dorethea KrickReport definition
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Insanely cool yet destructive form of ionizing radiation.Knocks the electrons right outta your atoms. And yeah, that is bad. Performs a vital part in science fiction having to do with mutation accomplished by exposure to gamma radiation.However, understand that all it can is destroy you. Therefore do not head to Chernobyl looking to develop into the Hulk. by Nickolas YutzyReport definition

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High-energy electromagnetic radiation emitted by specific radionuclides when their particular nuclei change from an increased to a lower life expectancy power condition. Gamma rays have actually high-energy and a quick wave length. All gamma rays emitted from confirmed isotope have a similar power, a characteristic that allows experts to identify which gamma emitters are present in a sample. Gamma rays penetrate muscle further than do beta particles or alpha particles, but keep a diminished focus of ions inside their path to potentially trigger cellular harm. Gamma rays are similar to x-rays. by Elmira TorbertReport definition

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