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Fusion in AZ Dictionary

(n) The work or process of liquefying or melting because of the application of temperature.
(n) The fluid or melted condition caused by temperature.
(n) The merging of different elements into a union: the fusion of copper and zinc to form metal; the difficult fusion of conflicting political factions.

Fusion in Astronomy Dictionary

a procedure where nuclei collide therefore fast they stick together and give off a great deal of power. In the middle of many stars, hydrogen fuses collectively to form helium. Fusion can be so powerful it aids the star's huge mass from collapsing in on itself, and heats the star excessive it glows as the brilliant object we come across today. by Augusta TristanReport definition

Fusion in Community Dictionary

A genre of music that integrates rock with jazz. It sprang up when you look at the late 70's and proceeded in to the brand new wave era in 1985. Artists like Sting, Bowie caused it to be well-known in 85 by combining this new wave sound of this 80’s using the initial concept it later on passed away and it has since been revised by artists these types of Jamie Culum, Ben Folds.. by Wes GroutReport definition
a fresh Zealand brand of car audio. Recognised by an exceptional green colour and/or "The Jonah Lomu" Series. by LeopoldoReport definition
Fusion could be the binding of several things, concrete or intangible, into some thing brand new that posesses properties of both. In physics this is the binding of a couple of elements of exactly the same or different type to creat a unique one. Fusing 2 hydrogen atoms leads to the creation of a helium atom. by AntioneReport definition
A student business on high-school and college campuses that is an interacial organization that individuals of races can join which promotes racial harmony and is focused on the annihilation of KKK alongside racist and hate teams. They also sponser interacial dating sessions. by JamilaReport definition
A nickname fond of a female with Vaginal Fusion, or getting the foot of the genital opening "fused" collectively to help make a smaller sized entry for their pleasure. by Brandi CoupeReport definition
ideal A cappella group in reputation for the world. Only the most readily useful singers can ever before think of rendering it. Everyone else that doesnt head to PCHS sucks at life by DeloraReport definition

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