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Frame in AZ Dictionary

(v) To build by assembling the structural parts of; construct: frame a home.
(v) to construct by assembling the architectural parts of; construct: frame a property.
(v) To build by putting together the structural parts of; construct: frame a home.
(v) Archaic To go; continue.
(v) Obsolete to control; contrive.
(v) Archaic going; proceed.
(n) Something composed of parts fitted and accompanied together.
(n) One thing made up of parts fitted and accompanied together.
(n) some thing composed of parts fitted and joined together.
(v) to bolster; refresh; help.
(v) To perform; perform.
(v) To benefit; avail.
to bolster; refresh; help.
To execute; perform.
to match, for a certain end; make ideal or conformable; adapt; adjust.

Frame in Apiculture Dictionary

A rectangular construction of wood built to hold honey brush, consisting of a high club, two end bars, and a bottom club; generally spaced a bee-space apart within the super. by Sol JermanReport definition

Frame in Community Dictionary

one picture generated by a computer. Found in the measurement FPS (or frames per second).Also utilized as a quick as a type of FPS. by Tamala TrottaReport definition
To make someone appear because the perpetrator of a crime that she or he would not devote. by Armando NoyolaReport definition
your body esp. among a lady by Brooks BengeReport definition
1. the body 2. to incriminate an innocent person with untrue research by NelsonReport definition

Frame in Technology Dictionary

A-frame describes a storage frame or central storage framework. When it comes to physical memory, it is a set sized block in actual memory space, or a block of main storage space. In computer design, structures tend to be analogous to logical target area pages. A-frame also describes real storage space equipment useful for storage space, like a storage area community (SAN) or community affixed storage (NAS). by Debroah NeissReport definition
In networking, a frame is a unit of data. A-frame actively works to help identify information packets utilized in networking and telecommunications structures. Frames in addition help to figure out how data receivers interpret a stream of information from a source. by Sherman MatlockReport definition

Frame in Sports Dictionary

The term always describe a game. by Nickolas YutzyReport definition
the location in which the skittles tend to be arranged. It is manufactured from hornbeam and actions 4.5ft square. One plate could be the center regarding the framework that another eight skittles are then 3in from edges of this framework and 1.9in through the center. by Nickolas YutzyReport definition
The an element of the skate under the boot that keeps the wheel in position. by Wynell SaltzReport definition
is made of two deliveries by a player. If a person scores a strike on his very first chance, the framework has ended. by Nickolas YutzyReport definition
a specialist snooker match is normally comprised of the best of an odd quantity of games, known as structures. The amount of structures played relies on the competition. It will vary from the very best of 9 frames around 35 in the field Championship Final. by Nickolas YutzyReport definition

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    • originate, plan, devise, contrive, compose
  • Verb Forms for "Frame"
    • framed, frames, framing
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    • time frame, time frame, time frame, Politicus frame, Politicus frame
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    • Ame, Ame, Boehme, Graeme, Mayme
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    • deceive, cozen, delude, lead on, division
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    • out of frame, square frame, ampere's frame, ampere's frame, ampere's frame
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    • cant frames
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    • frameable, framable, frame of mind, frame in, frameset
  • Same Context for "Frame"
    • structure, structure, box, box, figure
  • Variant for "Frame"
    • frame-up, frame-up
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