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(v) To flame with a bright, wavering light.
(v) To flame up with a bright, wavering light.
(v) To flame with a bright, wavering light.
(v) resulting in to flame up.
(v) To cause to flame up.
(v) To signal with a blaze of light.
(n) a short wavering blaze of light.
(n) A brief wavering blaze of light.
(n) a computer device that produces a bright light for signaling, lighting, or recognition.
(v) To blaze brightly.
(v) burning unsteadily.
(v) To burst away unexpectedly, such as anger.
To shine aside with unexpected and unsteady light, luster, or splendor; give out a dazzling light.
To waver; flutter; burn with an unsteady light, as flame in a current of atmosphere; thus, to flutter, as such flame does; flutter with gaudy show.
To open or distribute outward, just like the lips of a trumpet.

Flare in Astronomy Dictionary

fast launch of energy from a localized region regarding Sun in the shape of electromagnetic radiation, energetic particles, and size motions. by NamReport definition

Flare in Community Dictionary

A badge, pin, key or other small style accessory. by Nikita IsabellReport definition
Any unwanted accessory that really must be worn by your place of employment. by Lindsey CocklinReport definition
To smoke cigarettes the righteous natural herb. To blaze the ganja. Smoke weed. by Vera AnkneyReport definition
Spray paint strategy that causes the distinct paint to broaden and fade away. To accomplish a flare you just make use of your wrist to tilt the can out of the wall. Some caps function better than the others. Sunset from france has got the most useful flares, google him for a better aesthetic. by LonReport definition
a break party move, concerning rotating your legs in a circular motion around the body. by Dorethea KrickReport definition
The swelling and enlarging of a stallions glands before and during climax. by Librada OlvedaReport definition

Flare in Medical Dictionary

1. an exacerbation of a chronic condition. Often referred to as a flare-up, a flare occurs when outward indications of an ailment which has been present for a time abruptly aggravate. A flare is a transient worsening in severity of an illness or condition that fundamentally subsides or minimizes. Including, in many arthritis circumstances the bones can flare with worsening of stiffness, pain, and swelling. 2. An area of skin redness surrounding a website of an injection or other irritation. by Vera AnkneyReport definition

Flare in Sports Dictionary

Action taken up to slow or end a paraglider to impact a landing. by Wynell SaltzReport definition

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  • Synonym for "Flare"
    • flaunt
  • Verb Forms for "Flare"
    • flared, flares, flaring
  • Phrases for "Flare"
    • tempers flare, greenish flare, flare ups, tempers flare, distress flare
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    • Adair, Aer, Altair, Astaire, Ayre
  • Hypernym for "Flare"
    • blowup, ebullition, outburst, effusion, gush
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    • display, display, to flare up
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    • flare up, unflared, nonflared, parachute flare, lens flare
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    • flash, flicker, spark, blaze, explosion
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