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Feral in AZ Dictionary

(a) Existing in a wild or wild state.
(a) Having gone back to an untamed state from domestication.
(a) Of or suggestive of a wild animal; savage: a feral smile.
(n) A domesticated pet which have returned to the crazy; an animal, especially a domesticated pet, residing on their own of humans.
(n) A contemptible younger person, a lout, an individual who behaves wildly.
(n) someone who has isolated themselves through the external world; one living an alternative life style.
Of or related to wild beasts; wild; ferine; ferous; present in a situation of nature; perhaps not domesticated or unnaturally bred: because, the mallard is the feral stock of the domestic duck.
Run crazy; having escaped from domestication and reverted to a situation of nature.
Like a wild beast; characteristic of wild beasts; brutal; savage.

Feral in Apiculture Dictionary

(queen or bees) = Since all us bees are thought having result from domestic stock, what many people call "wild" bees are actually "feral" bees. Some utilize the term for survivor bees that have been grabbed and familiar with raise queens indicating these were feral in the place of ARE feral. by EliReport definition

Feral in Community Dictionary

individual or persons with inclination's towards relaxed freedom of idea, washing along with other hygenic habits. A frequent desire to travel and seek less socially acceptable avenues of societal behavior. Occasionally seen walking mangy puppies but mostly heard talking in groups about acid also trancendental mind blowing drugs. by Shaunda PugliaReport definition
A wild animal (with matching behavior) which used to-be domesticated and tamed. To "de-domesticate". by Sandy MessmerReport definition
Furry artwork that's not anthro. Feral furry art is furry art interested in look more like real pet. Versus anthro which is an animal with individual traits by Valeria SantosReport definition
Unkempt, Unruly, Unmanagable son or daughter by Karina KrampReport definition
Feral always describe how men and women look, generally speaking a rather sexy dirty variety of surfer / skater grungy man. Can generally be spotted with Longish locks, a cigarette or tattoos by Dave DibenedettoReport definition
Poorly dressed, talked and informed folks during the budget associated with socio-economic scale. (See also Chav,Bogun,Trailer Trash)Known with regards to their prowess at taking automobiles and their utter disregard of contraception options. Along with a very high swear-word vocabulary, kids have actually constantly running noses, dirty faces and unkempt tresses. by JodiReport definition

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  • Synonym for "Feral"
    • wild, untamed, ferine, funereal, deadly
  • Phrases for "Feral"
    • animalistic feral, feral beast, feral cats, constant feral, feral attack
  • Rhyme for "Feral"
    • Beryl, Carol, Carole, Carroll, Cheryl
  • Hyponym for "Feral"
    • razorback, feral child, feral cat
  • Equivalent for "Feral"
    • wild, untamed
  • Form for "Feral"
    • feral child, feral cat
  • Same Context for "Feral"
    • wolfish, predatory, ferocious, maniacal, catlike
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