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Drifting in AZ Dictionary

(a) obtaining the property of moving aimlessly or susceptible to additional forces.
(a) continuously altering especially as from a single abode or occupation to another
(n) a driving method where in actuality the motorist deliberately oversteers, causing reduced traction when you look at the back wheels, while maintaining control from entry to leave of a large part
(n) aimless wandering from place to place
(v) provide participle of drift.

Drifting in Apiculture Dictionary

The movement of bees that have lost their particular area and enter hives aside from unique home. This happens often when hives are put in long right rows where going back foragers through the center hives often move on row finishes or when coming up with splits therefore the field bees drift back to the initial hive by Cecil OlberdingReport definition

Drifting in Community Dictionary

how exactly to aim your vehicle at a wall and miss it entirely; drifting could be the reverse of hold driving, that involves using a corner without sliding. This is often done without having any regard to horse power, weight, or other aspects. Really what this means is any automobile can drift, but some vehicles tend to be more likely to powerslide than drift. Drifting originated from Japan, thus many vehicles familiar with drift are Japanese. Most of the cars accustomed move may typically RWD cars with FR layouts, since they are better to drift than AWD automobiles, FWD automobiles, or RWD automobiles with MR layouts. But other drivetrains are used for drifting by different people, as driving styles differ from person to person. Some traditional vehicles regularly move are the Nissan Silvia, the Nissan 350Z, the Mazda RX-7, plus the Toyota Supra. by YoshikoReport definition
some thing homeless folks do from city to city. by AndresReport definition
resulting in a car to slip or ‘drift’ laterally. It is brought on by making a turn a speeds sufficient resulting in the tires (both front side and back, but the back tires go very first and also the front don’t constantly go) to loose grip, enabling the automobile to slide laterally. You are able right in front, back, and all wheel drive. Pulling the hand/emergency/parking break (three names for similar thing) at apex of a turn allows one to move at reduced speeds than in the event that rear tires were allowed to spin easily. In addition, drastically speeding up a corner rims by revving the engine (consequently inducing the back tires to spin faster than the vehicle is continue) allows one to drift quicker, that is just possible in rear wheel drive. by CalvinReport definition
if you are high enough to the point where you don't talk as well as your actions are subconsciously done to truly get you through large. by JeffereyReport definition
resulting in a vehicle to go beyond its tire's limitations of adhesion, exhibiting a lateral slip, causing an oversteer condition. by AnjelicaReport definition
Making the vehicle slide laterally in the form of oversteering. Feasible with a RWD vehicle. Many people try out this with FWD automobiles also by operating in Reverse.Its aptly defined as "Controlling your vehicle when it's in uncontrolable zone" by MaxwellReport definition
A really entertaining solution to destroy your tires. by Major MarlowReport definition

Drifting in Sports Dictionary

A foul called when a skater drifts from his lane or changes lanes and interferes with another skater. In sprint races, skaters may not keep their lanes. by Nickolas YutzyReport definition

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    • driving, setting, intention, aim, broach
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    • drifted, drifting, drifts
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    • gather, cumulate, pile up, accumulate, conglomerate
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    • propulsion, course, meaning, tendency, preglacial drift
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    • driftwood, driftless, drift ice, drift apart, drift off
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    • swirl, cloud, stream, flood, shift
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