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(n) The area of water between two piers or alongside a pier that obtains a ship for running, unloading, or repairs.
(n) A pier; a wharf.
(n) several piers on a commercial waterfront that act as a general landing location for boats or boats. Frequently found in the plural.
(v) to go (a vessel or vehicle) into or next to a dock.
(v) To couple (two or more spacecraft, as an example) in room.
(v) To clip brief or cut-off (an animal's tail, for instance).
(v) to go or come into a dock.
(v) to maneuver or come into a dock.
(v) To move or enter into a dock.
(i) in dock On trial or under intense scrutiny.
(i) when you look at the dock On trial or under intense scrutiny.
(i) in dock On trial or under intense scrutiny.
(v) To stop a section of an animal's tail.
(v) To reduce (earnings); to deduct.
(v) To cut off a section of an animal's end.
To cut-off, because the end of a thing; reduce brief; clip; curtail: as, to dock the end of a horse.
thus To deduct a component from; shorten; curtail; diminish: since, to dock a person's wages.
To cut-off, given that end of a thing; cut quick; clip; curtail: as, to dock the end of a horse.

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Dock is an iconic graphical user interface (GUI) feature associated with the Mac OS X operating system. Dock provides a fast method for an individual to introduce and alternate applications. Dock is comparable to ObjectDock and RocketDock on Windows systems. by Debroah NeissReport definition

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