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(n) The dextrorotatory type of glucose, C6H12O6·H2O, found normally in pet and plant muscle and derived synthetically from starch. Also called dextroglucose.
(n) the naturally-occurring dextrorotatory as a type of sugar monosaccharide molecule
(n) A sirupy, or white crystalline, number of sugar, C6H12O6 (so-called from turning the jet of polarization off to the right), occurring in several ripe fruits, also called sugar. Dextrose and levulose tend to be obtained by the inversion of cane sugar or sucrose, and hence the mixture is called known as invert sugar. Dextrose is chiefly obtained because of the activity of temperature and acids on starch, and hence called additionally starch sugar. Furthermore created from starchy meals because of the activity of this amylolytic ferments of saliva and pancreatic juice.

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Also known as glucose, it really is a simple sugar (or monosaccharide) and is one of the two main sugars found in honey; types the majority of the solid phase in granulated honey. by Darleen ZawislakReport definition

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Glucose, a straightforward sugar. by Vera AnkneyReport definition

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  • Sentence for "Dextrose"
  • Synonym for "Dextrose"
    • dextroglucose, D-glucose
  • Hypernym for "Dextrose"
    • glucose, monosaccharide, hexose, aldohexose
  • Cross Reference for "Dextrose"
    • birotatory dextrose
  • Same Context for "Dextrose"
    • fructose, galactose, dextrin, albumin, saline
  • Variant for "Dextrose"
    • glucose, starch sugar
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