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Deep in AZ Dictionary

(a) Extending far downward below a surface: a deep gap inside river ice.
(a) expanding far inward from an outer area: a-deep slice.
(a) Extending far backward from front to rear: a-deep walk-in fridge.
(a) To a great level; profoundly: dig deep; feelings that operate deeply.
(a) Well along in time; belated: worked deep in to the evening.
(a) Sports Close to the outer boundaries associated with area of play: played deep the first three innings; ran deep in their opponents' territory.
(n) A deep place in land or perhaps in a body of water: drowned when you look at the deep for the lake.
(n) an enormous, immeasurable level: the deep of space.
(n) The degree of encompassing time or area; firmament.
(i) deep down At base; fundamentally: deep-down, she was however a rebel.
(i) in deep water In difficulty.
Having significant or great expansion downward, or perhaps in a direction viewed as analogous with downward.
As measured from standpoint: expanding far above; lofty: as, a deep sky.
As measured from without inward: expanding or entering far within; situated far within or toward the middle.

Deep in Apiculture Dictionary

A box which 9 5/8" deep in addition to frame is 9 1/4" deep. Often labeled as a Langstroth Deep. by Kourtney GrubbReport definition

Deep in Community Dictionary

the sheer number of those who had been at a spot by JamilaReport definition
When something is simply - beyond articulation. When other terms no further give you the resources for description of particular acts and actionsFar from human/animal/living organism/and also microbe reckoning and explanation, whenever they ask them to. deeply may be the adjective that re-defines meaning and thought and allows you to think on your spatial place in time and spherical methods, and in addition that of others. << by EmanuelReport definition
1. hard to understand.2. Very intense, profound, or interesting.3.(Sound) Minimal pitch4. (Color) Dark and intense5. Of great depth or reasonable positioning. Certain distance through the top, surface, or edge.6. Amount of people by Leighann GalvezReport definition
Bay location slang for far or too much away. by Kendra DearingReport definition
1) a notion, abstraction, or theory that's scientifically or philosophically serious.2) Wise (Adjective). Wisdom (Noun). by Yessenia MitraReport definition

Deep in Medical Dictionary

In anatomy, away from the surface or more to the human body. Unlike shallow. The bones are deep to the skin. by Debroah NeissReport definition
For a far more full set of terms found in medicine for spatial direction, please look at entry to "Anatomic Orientation Terms". by Vera AnkneyReport definition

Deep in Sports Dictionary

defines the parachutist becoming upwind associated with orifice point needed for landing in the fall area. by Wynell SaltzReport definition

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  • Synonym for "Deep"
    • profound, intricate, mysterious, obscure, sagacious
  • Antonym for "Deep"
    • shallow
  • Phrases for "Deep"
    • deep freeze, deep freeze, deep breaths, deep breaths, feet deep
  • Rhyme for "Deep"
    • Jeep, Peep, Streep, asleep, beep
  • Hypernym for "Deep"
    • ocean, middle
  • Cross Reference for "Deep"
    • low, bass, absorbed, depth, wide
  • Equivalent for "Deep"
    • colourful, colorful, sound, profound, heavy
  • Same Context for "Deep"
    • soft, dark, long, heavy, rough
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