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(p) women offered name, a feminine form of David.

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Davina is a street name among friends for Weed.So you could have the full discussion about getting high and getting in public areas , in a taxi infront of parents etc without worrying about all of them knowing you are discussing medicines.Example " just what time you picking right up davina? " oh im satisfying this lady at 8ish"" you need to come round to my own tonight and invest some time with me and davina?"....etcVariations - Paloma , diana plus every session by Irmgard CaponeReport definition
Davina is a girls name, it suggests Divine in Spanish. The kids version of it really is Dave or David. Davina is a lovely and pretty name. Lots of really gorgeous girls would love to have the title, It's not that popular because was once within the U.S The united states. It goes with loads of double barrell brands like: Davina-Rose, Davina-Rae, Davina-May and etc. by Luci ShelorReport definition
A charming woman just who could cast a love spell on anybody she wishes. Men and women can start and tell their particular secrets without a worry.Very relax and down-to-earth until one thing strikes them like a match and also the fire begins and thats once they become dangerous.Women and guys truly have a tendency to get affixed onto Davinas and want them around, always. by Danilo SensabaughReport definition
A fat indian pornstar who stalks hot guys. One of the main hobbies would be to fart into a box and save the odor on her behalf fans. by Dane AlgarinReport definition
Captain Save-a-Ho by AshaReport definition
Damp Ass VaginaAlternatively,a Dank Ass Vagina.a Wet Vagina by Shanae SinglerReport definition
davina means divine in spanish and in english it indicates a bad ass chick that each one desires to be by Berniece MatousekReport definition

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