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DNC meaning; Democratic National Committee. These are typically considered by millions of Us citizens as Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves. by PatrickReport definition
Initials for: "guy, maybe not Cool". An instant way to show irritation or anger with a buddy or connect when their particular stupidity or incompetence has now reached an even that includes kept you without terms, or is usually unacceptable. by KimberyReport definition
DNC is short for Definitely Not a Crap.A "crap" is an attractive woman. When you see all of them you say, "oh, crap."when the definition of DNC is employed, you will be referring to an unattractive lady. by AbbeyReport definition
Democratic National Committee by Danelle CuddyReport definition
Democratic nationwide Convention. by WilfordReport definition
cannot ComputeCommunicates a complete lack of understanding for current state of affairs. by Verla PauloReport definition
Abbreviation for "do not care". by Keiko ThrashReport definition
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