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(n) Any of various large wading birds of household Gruidae, having an extended neck, long feet, and a long costs.
(n) A similar bird, such as for instance a heron.
(n) a device for hoisting and moving hefty objects by way of cables attached with a movable boom.
(v) To hoist or go with or as if with a crane.
(v) To stress and stretch (the neck, as an example) in order to see better.
(v) resulting in to rise; to increase or carry, as by a crane; -- with up.
(v) To extend an individual's neck toward anything for a much better view.
(v) is irresolute; hesitate.
(v) to attain forward with mind and neck, to see better.
(v) To extend (one's neck).
(v) to boost or lower with a crane.
(v) stretch (the neck) in order to see much better
become stretched out such as the neck of a crane.
thus In hunting, to appear before one leaps; pull-up at a dangerous jump.
To extend or fold (the neck) like a crane: as, he craned their neck to see what had been on the other side of pillar.

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a combo of crazy and insane...... by Evon AburtoReport definition
nouna high, long-legged, long-necked bird, typically with white or gray plumage and sometimes with tail plumes and patches of bare red epidermis regarding the mind. Cranes tend to be noted for their elaborate courtship dances.to judge women bird. by Rashida CorbinReport definition
A name for a certain attractive feminine. Through the exact same root as cutey. by Mildred HeffronReport definition
the skill of scooping some one from behind by reaching over their particular neck and scooping their particular booby in the same design that a crane would raise dust. by Eugenio DoyalReport definition

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  • Verb Forms for "Crane"
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    • craned, craning
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    • heron, winch, goose, tractor, hawk
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