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(n) A thin toothed strip, by synthetic, familiar with smooth, arrange, or fasten hair.
(n) An implement, particularly a card for dressing and cleansing wool or other fibre, that resembles a hair comb in shape or use.
(n) A currycomb.
(v) To move a comb through (hair) in order to organize or groom: combed her hair with a comb; combed his hair together with hands.
(v) to go however or pass around with a raking activity: The wind combed the wheatfields.
(v) To card (wool or other fibre).
(v) To move and break. Used of waves.
(v) which will make an intensive search: combed through the declare the agreement.
(v) To roll-over, because the top or crest of a wave; to break with a white foam, as waves.
(v) To groom with a toothed apply; mainly with a comb.
(v) to split up option cotton fiber fibers from worsted cloth materials.
(v) To search carefully like raking-over a place with a comb.
To outfit with a comb: because, to comb an individual's hair.
To card, as wool; hackle, as flax.
To grain with a painter's brush.

Comb in Apiculture Dictionary

The wax portion of a colony which eggs tend to be laid, and honey and pollen are saved formed like hexagons. by GeraldoReport definition

Comb in Community Dictionary

choking to my bread.whenever anything is indeed funny which you choke on the metaphorical breads. Can certainly be amalgamated with lmao and rofl.(Roflcomblmao = rolling on the ground laughing choking on my bread laughing my butt off) by Dorethea KrickReport definition
(verb) - to find through a crowd of individuals (to "Comb") seeking out, and flirting using the appealing females. by Francine EnsorReport definition
A toothed product used for brushing and styling tresses. Contemporary combs usually are made of synthetic, but combs being produced for many thousands of years from a number of materials including material, wood and bone tissue. by Vera AnkneyReport definition

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  • Synonym for "Comb"
    • currycomb, chaser, honeycomb, break
  • Verb Forms for "Comb"
    • combatively, combativity, combed, combes, combing
  • Phrases for "Comb"
    • fine-tooth comb, fine-toothed comb, comb through, horseback comb, comb dense
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    • Boehme, Guillaume, Home, Jerome, Nome
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    • search, crest, plate
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    • crest, antlered comb, drone comb, combed ware, segmented comb
  • Equivalent for "Comb"
    • combe
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    • orling
  • Form for "Comb"
    • combed, combing
  • Same Context for "Comb"
    • earring, buckle, towel, handkerchief, bracelet
  • Variant for "Comb"
    • combing, coombe, coomb
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