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(n) One thing cut-off or out, specifically something clipped from a newspaper or magazine.
(n) See clipped type.
(n) A piece of one thing eliminated by clipping.
(v) provide participle of clip.
Embracing; encircling.
In heraldry, clasping, as two fingers. See conjoined.
Swift: as, a clipping rate.

Clipping in Apiculture Dictionary

The rehearse of taking part of one or both wings away from a queen both for discouraging or slowing swarming as well as for identification for the queen. by MelonieReport definition

Clipping in Community Dictionary

having sex, often with an extensive whom you toss after using. by BreannReport definition
Slang term for "Dating" in Western Pennsylvania.More preferable for a male to describe his status with a women. by WilfordReport definition
Clipping is a penalty in American football by which a blocker will hit a non-ball holding opponent from behind and below the waistline. To not ever be mistaken for block within the back, which is essentially the same task nevertheless contact occurs at or over the waistline. by Francine EnsorReport definition
Collision recognition, utilized in game titles. Whenever an object in videos online game strike or get in touch with another, it's the collision detection or clipping thaw detects this. by Avelina LonginoReport definition

Clipping in Sports Dictionary

Describes the activity of a new player intentionally dropping into or checking an opponent that is in possession associated with the puck through contact underneath the knee. This course of action causes a penalty being evaluated on offending player. by Wynell SaltzReport definition
An illegal block, involving hitting an opponent from backside. Legal on the line of scrimmage. by Wynell SaltzReport definition

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    • quotation, snippet, offcut, cutting, short form
  • Phrases for "Clipping"
    • coupon clipping, clipping toenails, newspaper clipping, clipping into, though clipping
  • Rhyme for "Clipping"
    • chipping, dipping, dripping, equipping, flipping
  • Hypernym for "Clipping"
    • excerption, excerpt, extract, selection
  • Same Context for "Clipping"
    • faxes, sawdust, shaving, cutting, printout
  • Verb Stem for "Clipping"
    • clip
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