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(n) Scraps or components of paper, such as the perforated sides of report for tractor feed printers or the little rectangles punched from information cards.
(n) One of these scraps or items of paper.
(n) Small items of report punched out of the edges of constant stationery, punched cards, report tape an such like.

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A member of this male gender, a Chad is people, usually known as Chad, just who would go to bars to get chicks. He often accomplishes this by cockblocking various other men. A Chad can be identified by his look which generally consist of the following: mesh trucker cap, frosted hair, oily spiked hair, polo shirt using the collar turned up, artificial tan, ringer t-shirt two sizes too tiny, pants two sizes too small, wifebeater in public, and a light coloured button-up clothing. Chadis also have actually spent amount of time in a fraternity, will dance independently to attract attention, and typically drink light alcohol. by LashellReport definition
A narcissistic pathological liar with sociopathic tendencies. Can tell stories being totally untrue to perpetuate lies about people he statements are their pals and lies about their own life to ellicit emotions, like sympathy and jealousy, from his pals. He is smart sufficient that it takes some time to capture onto his lies. Usually, there is absolutely no indicate their lies - he informs all of them simply to tell them. by MervinReport definition
Chad another term for persistent dope mary jane weed lawn cooking pot and so forth. by Lashawna PierpontReport definition

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