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A place that pretty much follows McDonalds everywhere, For instance, if you go to a McDonalds, 20 dollars says that Burger King will be a block away by CarmelaReport definition
Fast food restuarant u order burgers at. Much better than Mcdonald's. by Rashida CorbinReport definition
Where the half-witted post teenage maternity "managers" inform everyone how to proceed, because their everyday lives revolve around 2 mins. by Manual JusticeReport definition
a lot better than McDonald's by Homer MoretReport definition
the master of all of the burgers! by Idella WhippleReport definition
possibly the most useful burger joint ever before produced. It pwns living out-of McDonalds, Is acually INCLUDING new stuff, and it is much better than any hamburger joint. You probably are not live untill you take in a king size, fire broiled whopper. And ya wont get fat. by DamienReport definition
residence of open-flamed whoppers by Jacque ClevelandReport definition
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