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Burbite (Bur~Bite) 1. A diminutive term utilized by the urban teenagers (18-29) ofSan Francisco to explain the people of the outlying suburban communities. 2. Aperson of source outside the town of san francisco bay area, residing outside of the town of SanFrancisco, whom attempts to believe hippness by going to the quainter areas of SanFrancisco, or even a lesser extent Berkeley, on an infrequent foundation. 3. people residing in the suburbsof a significant hip city, who has got perhaps not fully committed him or by herself toward assuming the generalkinkyness associated with the times and herd mentality of a dense metropolitan area. Note, burbites usuallyfeel its absolutely essential to own a high fuel consumption vehicle that does not effortlessly match a compact metropolitan parking area. People by using this term in keeping vernacular tend to try and out do their particular contemporaries by getting new subdivisions of body art and piercings in the place of new system domiciles in suburbansubdivisions. Burbites determine art and hippness by obtaining huge cookie cutter belongings that make them as bland as everybody else inside their community. Non-burbites (urban hipsters) determine art and hipness by decorating their health like everyone within their neighbor hood. by Major MarlowReport definition
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