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An extremely epic handshake. Many individuals died attempting to find out this handshake. Albert Einstein cried at fact for this handshake and chose to make a move else. E=MC squared was formed. Severely key, numerous globe frontrunners used bupskika. Hitler bupskika'd the German populace to obtain the votes. Then he got exceptionally annoyed after seeing a jewish kid trying to duplicate it. Lots of people understand the result next. Japanese created a makeshift bupskika but had been infuriated when a American boy laughed at their particular futile effort. Pearl Harbor occurred nevertheless energy of Bupskika overcame this blasphemy with a nice Hiroshima-Nagaski rape sundae. Now Barack Obama bupskika'd Hilary Clinton to help keep the lady off her period while she is secretary of condition. Chuck Norris attempted to bupskika with Bruce Lee and it backfired and Bruce Lee passed away by CarmelaReport definition
probably the most epic, fucking hand shake known to man. Is made one arbitrary, rainy time and existed on forever. Uncommon among the Africans and Mexicans cause these are typically fucking retarded. The Bupskika is just too unwell for many damn hoolio moolio coolio joolios. Coalition forever! by Helene InouyeReport definition
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