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A belief/way of life, based around living into the fullest. Probably the most challenging component about any of it, is mastering your personal/individual "fullness". The key goal of being a basta will be achieve a sense of "perfection". The beauty of this belief is the fact that "perfection" is ever changing to conform to life, understanding, age, as well as other environments. Consequently supplying an endless understanding experience.The most difficult task could be the from Body Experience. By learning this art, specific powers are available to any person.Such as:1. Satisfying other individuals in an Out of system Experience2. The ability to manipulate, subliminally change, curse, and build other's mind. Through talking with an unwary person/soul, you may also deliver somebody into spiraling suicidal depression.Common practices/activities:1. Out of Body Enjoy (For psychological and religious development)2. Lucid Dreaming (Recreational)3. Self Hypnosis (Optional)(For boosting individual characteristics)Origin of keyword: considering that a lot of people could not perhaps commence to understand the idea, title "Bastamental"The root words are Bastard Mentalist (or Mental)bas·tard3.something unusual, substandard, spurious, or unusual.Spurious, the primary way to obtain the meaning of bastardspu·ri·ous/ˈspyo͝orēəs/Not being exactly what it purports to be; false or artificial: Along the lines of reasoning Apparently not really good: "this spurious reasoning causes nonsense". by Irmgard CaponeReport definition
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