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An over glutonous being, frequently a wop in general, bearing the characterisitcs of hopeless virginity, over eating, perceived but faulty "smoothness" with females, over extravagant coughing as a result of smoke breathing, and a robust/sloppy figure due to many years of misinformed healthier eating habits. by Alton BoykoReport definition
an excellent child that is excessively lovely, sweet, really good in addition to best individual you may ever before know. Basically he receives the women and seems excellent in sweaters :) by TariReport definition
(ba-seal, basil, ba-zile)1. Basile comes from the greek word basil, indicating royality or greatness. Basiles walk with a swagger and everyone knows they got that swag. Bitches make a Basile sandwichs each day without having to be told.2. Basile is a god-like person that has no limitations. by Sabrina AmmannReport definition
1. Greek name (known as after a spice).2. Probably will end up alone the others of their life.3. Doesn't take such a thing severe.4. Secretly has a little cock and seems insecure. He hides that by choosing in other individuals and pretending to-be superior.5. Conceited and belives he is incredibly torn.6. Too demanding. by Bettye BeamReport definition
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