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Basilmarket is a web page where you can ask questions and quote for auctions and talk to others about MapleStory. But most of basilmarket is a crude, crazy spot where idoits and 10 year olds roam for a living. People on BasilMarket tend to be Attention Hors which cannot live life, and also have a extremely low IQ. BasilMarket should only be useful for literate folks as well as for deals, not for idoits. The dog owner "Mr.Basil" and mods should truly conclude to stricter guidelines and more permenant bans. by Valeria SantosReport definition
An auction web site for the MMORPG MapleStory. Basilmarket is had my MrBasil (IGN = MrCurry) and is moderated by bokuwaomar, EluNirvelli, Mindstormer, Misacorp, xXSykoXx and MrBasil. People can publish screens, movies, and buy/sell items from the game. Forums may another feature for this web site. Users can speak to other MapleStory players on numerous subjects. The talk element of the discussion boards is very preferred and can be random frequently. Users may upload drawings pertaining to MapleStory in screen area of your website. Some people have attained in online game popularity (good or bad) from this site as well (publishing godly things or simply interest whoring). Many users get flamed for asking quick questions/making stupid articles. Debates continue about which will be much better BasilMarket or tiredWood.net by MichaelReport definition
Site full of fags. by JoseReport definition
A webiste originally employed for maplestory auctioning... now commonly used for attetion grabbers, spammers, discussion board games, grammer abusers, "post your genuine image", intercourse offenders, maple gossip, Random shit, committing suicide talk, life grievances, advice, flame wars, rate my picture, funny video clips, on line slang abusers, Lol's to Wtf's, Tiger Fans, posting pictures, and etc. People in basilmarket may differ from ages 6 to 80. Most of them don't even have fun with the game maplestory. They just get here to generally share stuff. And a lot of individuals do not give a crap by Beulah PettisReport definition
a web site for talking. Ignore all the other locations when you look at the website aside from the chat section, because they are just fillers produced by mrbasil to waste data transfer from the intranetz. The first intent associated with the website was for speaking; AznSeal had ordered mrbasil generate a house for him, but being the fag he could be, he ignored the almighty AznSeal and added shitty auction thingie the game 'MapleStory' (in addition shitty). The site is spammed with interesting threads, including IRL pic threads and SSBM threads. Know that pedophiles lurk around, as kids and teenagers use the website often. A common misconception is that Basilmarket is full of idiots, but in truth, it is smart people that are pretending is idiots. If you thought that, return to your shithole and consume orange mushrooms or something. by Alease MeunierReport definition
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